Tony Turns 40 – A Heavy Metal Birthday

Imminent Sonic Destruction guitar wizard and vocalist Tony Picolli celebrates 40 years of this awesome gift called life with a heavy metal extravaganza.

Nervous But Excited Reunion
Stormy Kromer - A Cap and Ale House - Cheboygan, MI

Lake Superior Beer Stops

Whiskey Charmers at The Ark

Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2022

Don’t Fear the Vegan

I just stumbled upon another vegan blogger's site and just had to share!   Fear The Vegan! - Great quote from site: Have you ever put all your energy into creating something in the kitchen for others only to have them turn their nose up the instant they find out...

No Frills, All Thrills Trail Race

No Frills, All Thrills Trail Race

Its Not About the Frills, Its about the Trail! The 2013 racing season kicked off today with the Brighton Area Road Striders (B.A.R.S - how great is that! ) No Frills, All Thrills trail race in the beautiful Huron Meadows Metropark.  This race is a fund raiser for...

Emma Lewick Woodin

Emma Lewick Woodin

Emma Lewick Woodin lived most of her adult life in railroad towns in Kansas and Texas. She remained connected to her family in Michigan through postcards.

Michigan Winter Beer Fest 2013

    Great Beer and Great fun at the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Fest For the past four years, we've headed West to Grand Rapids, Michigan with our friends Jeff and Angie, to partake in the annual Michigan Brewers Guild Winter beer festival.  Each of...

Scotland’s Ring of Steall

Scotland’s Ring of Steall

The Fellowship of the Ring - The Ring of Steall that is Why The Ring? One of my favorite scenes from the movie Braveheart, is when William Walace is running through the mountains of Scotland.  I had always thought that if I ever get over to Scotland, I need to...

Traverse City Beer Boogie

  Its Time for a Beer! After our snowshoe adventure at the Bigfoot Boogie, Brenda and I refueled our tanks with a fantastic lunch at Poppycocks.  Rain had started to fall and after a little bit of shopping (Brenda couldn't resist 50% off!), it was time to...

Snowshoe Fun at the Bigfoot Boogie 2013

Snowshoe Fun at the Bigfoot Boogie 2013

Who knew running in snowshoes could be so fun and so damn hard!?! We journeyed up to Traverse City, Michigan on 1/18/2013 for Running Fit's Bigfoot Boogie snowshoe race.  The snow conditions were non-existant when we left Ann Arbor on Friday afternoon, which had us...

Detroit Auto Show ROCKS!

Detroit Auto Show ROCKS!

The Detroit Auto Show Rocks! On Tuesday, I went to the Delta SkyMiles American Express preview of the Detroit Auto Show (aka the North American International Auto Show) with my friends Jeff and Rick. For the last three years, Rick has been able to score tickets to the...

Vegan Recipe Blogs to Follow in 2013

Vegan Recipe Blogs to Follow in 2013

Yes I  know that I promised to update my post of favorite vegan recipe blogs but instead I'm recommending a few Vegan Recipe Blogs to Follow in 2013. The Sweetest Vegan Tasha Edwards, MPH I ABSOLUTELY love The Sweetest Vegan. Her blog posts always include a video and...

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery opened its doors to the public on Thursday, January 3 and we decided to check it out! Once inside the Chelsea Alehouse, you are greeted with a wide open and inviting space with lots of windows.  We thought all the natural light added a...

Beans and Greens Recipe

I wish that I could take credit for this Beans and Greens Recipe but I can't. It was created by my dear friends, Michael and Barb Steer.  There are many reasons why I love this recipe beyond its taste. Let me count the ways... Ten Reasons why you'll love this...

New Years Eve Tradition

Family, friends, food and Dick Clark have always been a New Years Eve tradition. Long before I could host my own New Year's Eve parties, my parents would drag me to their friend's parties. I would curl up in a chair with the TV and Dick Clark, while my parents played...

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