The Story of a Modern Shepherdess in Michigan

by | Feb 5, 2024 | In Other News, Michigan

In November, we met Bridget Kavanagh, a modern shepherdess, on her farm outside Mason in Ingham County. At Happy Goat Lucky Ewe Fiber Farm, Kavanagh nurtures over 50 Merino sheep and a small herd of Angora goats, emphasizing environmental stewardship and community education.


The Story of a Modern Shepherdess in Michigan

Learn more about Bridget and how she balances tradition and innovation in farming in the story we wrote for Rural Innovation Exchange, published on January 11, 2024. 

Snippet from the article: 

Kavanagh’s impact resonates far beyond the boundaries of her farm, touching the lives of many in the wider community. Hausler aptly describes her as “an ambassador for fiber farmers.” 

This role extends into various educational initiatives, including enlightening farm tours and engaging discussions on innovative farming techniques like silvopasture. These are available by appointment only. 

Silvopasture is the practice of integrating tree growth with livestock grazing. It not only provides a natural canopy for the sheep, offering much-needed respite from the heat, but also plays a crucial role in preventing soil erosion, enhancing soil fertility through natural means, and bolstering the overall health of the soil biome.

Kavanagh’s tours include a pollinator sanctuary planted with help from a federal conservation program. Walking along the edge of the pollinator sanctuary, Kavanagh says, “Karry Trickey advised me on what to plant here. These are all native grasses for the wildlife.” Trickey is a district conservationist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Click here to read the full story on Rural Innovation Exchange.



Head to our galleries for more photos from our visit with Bridget Kavanagh.

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