Gilmore Car Museum Media Day

by | Jun 13, 2024 | In Other News

After receiving the third reminder for the Gilmore Car Museum Media Day event, we finally decided to RSVP.


Join us for a day (or as long as you can) of exploring the award-winning Gilmore Car Museum. Several specialty experiences, including the Model-T Driving Experience, behind-the-scenes tours of never-before-seen vehicles, and seeing the newly finished Event Center.

The Model-T Driving Experience definitely piqued my interest.

Gilmore Car Museum Media Day

Gilmore Car Museum Media Day

While we didn’t drive a Model-T, we did enjoy a ride in one and even tasted meatballs cooked on its manifold. However, that wasn’t the story I pitched to my editor at Rural Innovation Exchange. Instead, I sent a quick message about a heartfelt letter the museum had recently received. His response: “Go for the Gilmore Story!”

“Revving Up: the Transformative experience of the Gilmore Garage Works program” was published on June 6, 2024.

Gilmore Car Museum Article - Rural Innovation Exchange

“Imagine traveling 300 miles round-trip twice a week just to give your child a chance to participate in an after-school program. That’s exactly what one dedicated family did for their son for the entire school year so he could participate in the Gilmore Car Museum’s Garage Works program.


Recently, the museum in Hickory Corners received a letter from that child’s father. He didn’t want to talk about the miles driven but rather his son’s unique experience of touching a piece of American history, specifically the 1984 Reagan presidential prototype limousine.”

I felt like a proud parent. You can read the entire article here.


We have photos in our gallery from the Gilmore Museum’s Media Event.

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