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by | May 22, 2024 | In Other News

In 2023, the Michigan Brewers Guild invited us to write an article about the crafting of beer legislation for the 2024 edition of Michigan: The Great Beer State magazine. It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the guild and meet with a few of its board members. After conducting several interviews, exchanging emails, and doing extensive research, I submitted the article.

Crafting Legislation: The Michigan Brewers Guild's Advocacy for Nonalcoholic Beer Sales and Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

The original story was published in the 2024 edition of Michigan: The Great Beer State magazine. As I mentioned in the May 19, 2024, Sunday Sip newsletter, when Chuck handed me the magazine, I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. You could say I have shades of “Imposter Syndrome” — not the full-blown version, just hints of it.

After summoning the courage to read the article, I thought, “Damn, not bad if I do say so myself.” Naturally, I wondered how much my editor had changed. Only a few edits were made, but they significantly improved the piece. (A good editor is worth their weight in GOLD or BEER!)

Here is the opener of the article:

In the bustling taprooms and breweries of Michigan, a complex legislative dance is unfolding, centered around the craft beer industry’s efforts to navigate nonalcoholic beer sales and direct-to-consumer shipping. Guided by the Michigan Brewers Guild (MBG) and operating within the state’s licensing framework and the historic three-tier alcohol distribution system, breweries find themselves in a delicate balancing act. They are striving to overcome regulatory hurdles that impact their growth and survival.

The article goes on to describe the three-tier system, the struggle for direct-to-consumer sales, the challenges of selling nonalcoholic beer, and the guild’s legislative efforts for the future.

Have I whetted your whistle? You can read the entire article here.

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