Chuck Marshall

You may call him the Billy Gibbons of Beer, The Photo Wizard, Michigan Music’s biggest fan, or The Ramblin Man. Friends call him “Charlie.” Brenda calls him love. In his head, Chuck is just Chuck.

Chuck Marshall


Stories have always been the lifeblood that hammers through Chuck’s veins. From his earliest days, words were the wind that set sail to his imagination. Books and the stories they contained fueled Chuck’s quest for knowledge and adventure.

However, it wasn’t just the power of words that struck a chord. The passion for taking photos fired a forge in Chuck’s soul. You see, he discovered the magical, almost mythical, powers of photography in the hallowed halls of 7th grade. Eyes wide with amazement as his camera lens revealed the dumbfounding beauty of the world around us. Chuck would never be the same.

Today, Chuck’s vibrant photos are a window into the captivating world of Life In Michigan. Through his lens, he captures the essence of the Great Lake State, revealing its hidden corners and untold tales. But Chuck doesn’t stop there, no siree Bob! The same fiery passion he has for photography comes alive in his expressive writing, which takes you into the heart of the experience. With words and images, Chuck weaves a rich tapestry of Michigan life in technicolor brilliance that you can almost hear, touch, and feel.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients to Chuck’s life are simple: Brenda, music, beer, and travel.


Sure, it sounds like a sappy movie line, but Brenda completes Chuck. Together they explore, laugh, learn, and love. This union of heart and mind can be seen in the stories they create together. Alright, enough with the laughs and eye rolls; the man genuinely feels this in his heart…oh for the love of Pete…read on!!



If there is one constant in Chuck’s life, it is music. His mother and grandmother were musicians, and the lad had no choice but to become one. He grabbed a guitar, but he didn’t punish his Ma. No, Chuck sat down with his friends Iron Maiden, Rush, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, and Robin Trower to quickly learn that he’d better stay in school and get a job.

That didn’t stop Chuck from using his guitar to create his own music in the metal band Battalion. While Chuck’s thrashing on stage days are a long sweaty fever dream from the past, he is still driven by music. Today, Chuck’s a hot-shot concert photographer known and respected in Michigan for his unwavering commitment to honest local music. Using a lens instead of a roaring Marshall amp; Chuck is blasting out dazzling images of Michigan musicians creating some of the greatest music in the world. With his pen, Chuck chronicles the adventures of these gifted musical artists through album and concert reviews. And just in case you think Chuck is getting lazy, the man produces a soon-to-be award-winning podcast called Fans With Bands which celebrates amazing bands and the fans that dig them.



Rumor has it that Chuck was born with a beer in his pudgy little hand. The magical concoction blew his mind when he first tried craft beers back in 1992. The idea that beer could have flavor and didn’t need to be chugged at near arctic temperatures was a bombshell, a revelation.

From that moment on, Chuck was a changed man. He dove headfirst into the world of Michigan beer, his taste buds forever enchanted by the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each beautiful pint. So devoted was he to the cause that he even branded himself with the logo of Dark Horse Brewing. Yes, dear reader, this man wears his love for craft beer like a badge of honor—a symbol of his stalwart dedication to the fermented elixir of life.

But this love affair with beer doesn’t end there, oh no! Using images and words, Chuck broadcasts his devotion for Michigan brews far and wide on the pages of Life In Michigan. Thanks to the Michigan Brewers Guild, he has found his adopted family—a band of merry brewers and beer enthusiasts who share his passion for the bodacious creations that grace this great state. They are his brothers and sisters in hops, his comrades in the pursuit of flavor and hoppy transcendence.

So, my fellow devotees of the pint, when you spot Chuck at the next beer festival, donning a mischievous grin and a camera slung around his neck, don’t hesitate. Flash him a warm smile, raise your glass high, and proclaim, “Cheers!” At that moment, you become part of the tapestry, part of the wild and raucous family that celebrates the divine draft we call craft beer. Embrace the camaraderie, soak in the suds, and revel in the joyous symphony of flavors that unite us all.



There is a wanderlust that burns like wildfire inside Chuck. As soon as he could scrape together enough dough, Chuck set out to explore this wild and wonderful world. Michigan, that glorious patchwork of wonders, still provides Chuck and Brenda with an unlimited supply of adventure as they trek across the great lake state.

The beckoning call of the unknown is strong. A voice whispered in Chuck’s ear, “Go see this splendid country; go see the world.” Soon he ventured beyond the borders of his beloved state into our majestic national parks sprinkled across the states. Eventually, this impassioned drive to explore pulled him and Brenda across the ponds to Europe and New Zealand. There is so much left to discover at home and abroad, and Chuck is determined to see as much of it as he can.

And why, you may ask, does Chuck embark on these epic escapades? For the love of sharing, my friends, for the sheer joy of weaving tales and capturing moments frozen in time. Life In Michigan becomes the canvas upon which he paints vivid images with his words and photography. Through the pages of this digital tapestry, he invites you to join him on another voyage of discovery.

Porcupine Mountains 2014

That’s a Wrap

So come, my fellow adventurers, and join Chuck on this exhilarating journey we call Life In Michigan. Through his words and pictures, he invites you to witness the magic and marvels of Michigan. Allow yourself to be swept away, carried along on a wild and thrilling ride through the lens of his imagination. Open your mind, open your eyes, and let the stories unfold before you. This is Life In Michigan, as only Chuck can show you.