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Join us as we dive into Michigan's vibrant music, beer, and travel scenes. Tune in to our podcast, 'Fans With Bands,' for an immersive audio experience!


Freelance Photographers

Through his photography, Chuck skillfully freezes moments in time, crafting narratives that speak volumes. He doesn’t photograph weddings unless you’re a close friend or family. You will find him shooting festivals, conferences, parties, or music performances. When he is not at a gig, his other passion is capturing Michigan’s culture and landscapes. Dive into our gallery, experience our shared adventures through Chuck’s lens, and keep an eye out for Brenda’s equally captivating shots!



Freelance Writers

As freelance writers, we do more than just share stories on Life In Michigan. We also contribute to a range of other platforms. Discover our engaging articles in the Michigan Brew Trail Magazine and with organizations like MSHDA, where we’ve developed a thought-provoking series on homeownership programs. Follow Chuck’s journey into the music world as he provides album reviews, concert coverage, and artist interviews for Metal Wani and Loud Hailer Magazine. 



We’re the creators and hosts of ‘Fans With Bands.’ In each episode, we create a platform for bands and fans alike to delve into discussions about music, life, and anything else that sparks interest. We understand it’s not always easy to connect with your favorite bands during a show or online, so we bridge that gap, fostering deeper conversations between fans and bands.


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The Life in Michigan Curators

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Brenda Sodt Marshall

Brenda Sodt Marshall

Michigan beer enthusiast, history nut, writer, and mother.

Chuck Marshall

Chuck Marshall

Michigander, vegetarian, runner, Michigan beer enthusiast, photographer, guitarist, film extra

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