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We create shareable content related to Michigan’s music, beer, and travel industries and produce the podcast Fans With Bands.


Event Coverage 

A sampling of events we’ve covered include:


Chuck is a fantastic photographer. He doesn’t do weddings unless you are a friend or family. Check out the photo gallery; they are all his. Well, mostly, sometimes Brenda throws in one here or there. 



Produce and host Fans With Bands. On each show, we bring together a band and some fans to talk about music, life, and whatever the hell else we want to talk about. It can be difficult to have a conversation with your favorite band at a show or online. We bring the fans together with the bands for a more in-depth conversation. 


Freelance Writers

They write engaging content for publications like the Michigan Brew Trail Magazine and organizations like MSHDA. For MSHDA, they did a series about homeownership programs. At Metal Wani and Loud Hailer Magazine, Chuck writes album and concert reviews and interviews with artists. 


Fees vary; email ( your project and budget. If it fits into our wheelhouse, we’ll talk. 


We don’t allow guest posts on our site. 

The Life in Michigan Bloggers

If you’d like to know more about us, we have spilled our guts on our about pages. Well, not really, but we do provide a bit more detail.

Brenda Sodt Marshall

Brenda Sodt Marshall

Michigan beer enthusiast, history nut, vegetarian, writer, and mother.

Chuck Marshall

Chuck Marshall

Michigander, vegetarian, runner, Michigan beer enthusiast, photographer, guitarist, film extra

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