Brenda Sodt Marshall

Step right into the world of Brenda Sodt Marshall, also known as Bee, a name that buzzes with energy and fun, thanks to her friends! Her kids simply call her mom, and Chuck, her partner in all things life and beer, fondly calls her cutie. Her childhood nickname of Brennie Boo-Boo has thankfully faded with time, replaced by the shorter and sweeter “Bren.” She once considered the name Franchesca for a dash of exotic flair, but knowing everyone would just shorten it to Fran or Franny, she stuck with Brenda.

Brenda Sodt Foster

Michigan Wish List

Brenda’s got a wish list that dances as freely as her spirit, and she’s been checking off adventures with the zest of a champion. From dog sledding through snowy landscapes to basking in the Northern Lights’ celestial dance, she’s embraced it all. She’s visited a Native American Trail Marker Tree and sailed on a tall ship, riding the waves of thrill and excitement. And if given a chance, she’d even dip her toes into the realm of time travel.

Michigan Beer Enthusiast

A true Michigander, Brenda’s a craft beer enthusiast, thanks to Chuck’s introduction on their first date at a brewpub. Now, she can’t imagine a life without him or a pint of craft beer. Fair warning, though, she’s been known to enjoy her beer a bit too much, leaving her with a beer belly and a need for new pants.

Outdoor Fanatic

Brenda’s a self-confessed outdoor fanatic. Whether it’s walking, hiking, or simply sitting on her deck, she loves to be outside. Give her a good beer, and she’ll even watch a baseball game, equating it to watching paint dry. A lover of a good campfire, she’s not too keen on sleeping on the ground. If only camping tents come with real beds, she’d be a happy camper!

Best Friend

Chuck is her best friend, beer-drinking partner, and the organizer of her somewhat messy life. He loves her dearly, even when she leaves a trail of clothes on the floor. He might not understand her unique clothes organizing system (dirty on the floor, clean on the chair), but she likes to think that her ADHD has been a good exposure therapy for his OCD.


She is the mother of two beautiful young people. They are all grown up now, but this is how she likes to remember them.


Avery her oldest, once made her laugh so hard by declaring, “Stop talking, Mom. I know everything. Where are my shoes?” that she might have peed her pants just a little. He’s a tenacious, beautiful soul who, when he sets his mind to something, can’t be stopped – not even by his mom.

Her daughter Izzi, known as the fiery dragon, is two years younger and a challenger like no other. Brenda suspects Izzi may have inherited that fiery gene from her. With her intuitive, kind, and generous nature, Izzi has a special place in Brenda’s heart.

And let’s not forget about Larry, the handsome dog who loved sleeping on the couch and running more than Brenda did. He’s no longer with them, but his spirit lives on in the many pictures Brenda took of him.


So there you have it, a glimpse into the fun, adventurous, and slightly chaotic life of Brenda!

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