Our Westfalia Camper is a Diva

Rattling Rita, our Westfalia Camper is a diva. She required afternoon siestas, spa treatments, and attention from her fans when we stopped. 

Fermenta - Perrin Brew Day Extravaganza
Chasing Nostalgia in a Vintage VW Campervan
Chelsea Sounds and Sights
Brew Detroit - Chef Tara
Summer Beer Fest 2022
ROAK Beer Garden
Camping with Uncle Charlie – A Sweet Stout: A Beer Story

Camping with Uncle Charlie – A Sweet Stout: A Beer Story

Surprise! “Camping with Uncle Charlie” a sweet stout we brewed with Stigg’s Brewery is going to the 2022 Michigan Brewer’s Guild’s Winter Beer Festival. Wait, what? Yes, I know it is crazy. In December, Siggs Brewery in Boyne, Michigan, invited us to brew with them, we were excited but a bit worried, we really didn’t know how to brew beer. But it all worked out!

Long Weekend in Escondido California

Long Weekend in Escondido California

We launched our California Desert Vacation with a long weekend in Escondido, California. We arrived with a list of area attractions including museums, wine, a zoo, and a few breweries. As we checked them off the list, we found a few surprises.

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