Whiskey Charmers at The Ark

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The Whiskey Charmers debut at The Ark in Ann Arbor, promoting their upcoming album On The Run.

The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark

The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark

It is hard to believe, but this was the first time the Whiskey Charmers have played The Ark in Ann Arbor. We’ve caught them nearby in Kerrytown for Nash Bash, by the clocktower for Top of The Park, and even over at the legendary Blind Pig. Not sure what took so long to get in at the Ark, but I’m glad they did. Joining Carrie Shepard (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Lawrence Daversa (electric guitar, backing vocals) on stage tonight is Brian Ferriby (drums), Ozzie Andrews (bass), and Dave Roof (keyboards). 

The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark
The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark

On The Run

The Whiskey Charmers opened up with their noir country classic from their first album called “Straight and Narrow.” Carrie’s beguiling voice with Lawrence’s marvelous country meets rock guitar picking were wonderfully accented by the band. The diverse rhythmic pulse combined with the keyboard harmony gave The Whiskey Charmers a rich and lush sound. The added keyboards also allowed Lawrence the freedom to take each solo further.

The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark
The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark
The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark

Besides treating us to a  full band, The Whiskey Charmers offered up a lot of new music from their upcoming album, On The Run. In a way, we got an advance peek at their album release party, which is scheduled for November 12th at the Ant Hall in Hamtramck.

The new music finds The Whiskey Charmers branching out. The songs still have country roots but perhaps more of a rock edge. In particular, songs such as “Nobody Cares,” “Billy,” and “Slumber” move away from their traditional sound. All of the new music was well received by the crowd. I think this wider exploration of their sound is outstanding.

Tongue In Cheek

While I know that Carrie and Lawerence definitely take their art seriously, a treasured aspect of their music is a sense of humor. They played my favorite “Super 8” from the Lost On The Range album, which expounds about the delights of staying at the Super 8 and enjoying a waffle (or two). Other fun songs that provoked a grin were “Little Green Man” and “Giant Squid.” I’m not entirely sure if they mean for these tunes to be funny, but there is just something about them that brings a smile to your face.

The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark
The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark


We’ve got a few more photos of the Whiskey Charmers in our gallery. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Leave a comment and show some love by sharing this post.

The Whiskey Charmers at The Ark

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