The Whiskey Charmers at Top Of The Park

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Music

Whiskey Charmers were plying their wares from their new album ‘The Valley’ at Top of the Park in Ann Arbor.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

Whiskey Charmers – Rock Wizard

I should note that I’m biased when it comes to the Whiskey Charmers. You see, I’m their Rock Wizard. Sit back with a cold beverage or a bottle of your favorite whiskey and let me tell you a story.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

Last August at NashBash in the Kerrytown district of Ann Arbor, we had our first glimpse of the Whiskey Charmers. I’d been looking forward to seeing them ever since my soul brother Ryan who jams with Wolf and the Crane mentioned the band. Once I saw them, I was hooked by their haunting melodies.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

In case the band is new to you, the Whiskey Charmers are Carrie Shepard on acoustic guitar and vocals with Lawrence Daversa handling the electric guitar and backing harmonies. The Detroit based duo work their magic through a combination of western Americana and blue velvet twang.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

You are probably wondering when I’m going to get to the Rock Wizard. I’m getting there; hold your horses. I read last year that the Whiskey Charmers were seeking funding for their new album called ‘The Valley’. They offered up a lot of intriguing incentives including an early download of the album, cds, vinyl, shirts, and the crown jewel; a mention on their album. On top of getting a copy of the new album; I figured I was a natural for the Rock Wizard and kicked in to become part of Whiskey Charmers crew.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

Letting the music take you away

At this point you might be thinking “Great man, good for you…so how was the show?” The Whiskey Charmers had the early afternoon slot during the last weekend of Top of the Park (aka the Ann Arbor Summer Festival). Under the shade trees with brilliant blue skies, the band played several tunes from their new album including “Red Wine”, “Songbird”, and the awesome “Desert”.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

The Whiskey Charmers transported the crowd into the wind swept southwest where the white diamond sun blazes within the azure sky. You could smell the sage and feel the peaceful embrace of the sounds around you. A perfect way to spend a relaxing hour on a beautiful Michigan summer day.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

The Whiskey Charmers are busy rambling about the state sharing their music. Be sure to give them a listen and say hello to these talented musicians and overall wonderful people. For more pictures from the show, stop by the gallery.

Whiskey Charmers @ Top Of The Park - Ann Arbor

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