Floodplains by Chris Dupont

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On his new album Floodplains, Chris Dupont crafts his dark and raw emotion into lucid dreams full of brilliant textures painted on a sonic canvas.

Floodplains by Chris Dupont - cover

Floodplains by Chris Dupont

Floodplains is the third release from Chris Dupont. On this album, Chris teamed up with Nick Gunty of Americana duo Frances Luke Accord to produce and mix. Recording took place in home studios as well as Big Sky Studio and Solid Sound Studio in Ann Arbor. Joining Chris in delivering his music are vocalists Olivia Dear and Rin Tarsy, along with Luke Jackson on bass, Billy Harrington on drums, and Johannes Stauffer on piano. It should be noted that in addition to production and mix, Nick adds in some backing vocals and keyboards.

Chris Dupon

Each morsel of the music that Chris Dupont has created on Floodplains is delicious. The lyrical guitar with chiming harmonics is enthralling. The dream state is forged primarily through the intricate layering of Chris’s voice and guitar. However, there is a wealth of sounds that blossom from each song. Ranging from haunting strings and propelling percussion to a variety of backing vocals, synths, and keyboards.

While the music is lovely, the lyrical content is heartbreaking. The late Carrie Fisher said “Take your broken heart, make it into art.”. Floodplains is a prime example of this quote in action. At times the beauty of the music belies the pain within. Cleary this album is a personal revelation expressing loss, guilt, and betrayal. Over the course of twelve songs, Chris bares his soul. The experience of listening to this music is both emotionally tough and sublime.

Nick Gunty

Exploring the Floodplains

The opening song called “Retrieve” sets the tone of Floodplains. Chris’s guitar sings with accenting chimes, tender chords, and graceful notes . His vocals capture the fragile emotions of losing your footing in life. While the moment is uncertain, there is strength in the search to retrieve solid ground.

The sensation of a river rolling is consuming as you listen to “Start Again”. The songwriting is enticing. While the undercurrent of hurt is real, the message of hope resonates. We can pick up the pieces and start again.

“Interlude 08 Devices” is intriguing and intoxicating. It begins with a synthesized flute or pipe giving the sensation of floating in space and witnessing the sunrise. The interlude gives way to a hypnotic and syncopated beat. The tone is somber, reflective, and mysterious. While the lyrics are bathed in pain, you can’t help but love the poetry.

In The Lap of the Mountain

My favorite song on the album is “In the Lap of the Mountain”. My god what a work of art. The song builds off the delicate guitar and Chris’s enchanting vocals. I feel the resolution and gift of forgiveness written in every note. The uplifting vocals, guitar, and strings speak of turning the page into a brighter freedom.

On Floodplains, Chris Dupont speaks with aching clarity. His music is wondrous despite the tragic pain of its birth. The miracle of the art of creation is the transformation of our human condition into a media that can bring joy, reflection, and awe. Listening to this album is to witness magic.

Chris Dupont A2

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