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by | Oct 11, 2014 | Beer

As we headed home from our 2014 U.P. Adventure, we had to stop by Unruly Brewing in downtown Muskegon, Michigan to check out the pub and drink some great beers that are worthy of the metal horns in their logo.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon

Unruly Brewing – Well Worth the Run

Our stop at Unruly was part of our whole U.P. trip as soon as we decide to take the S.S. Badger across Lake Michigan on the way home from our visit to the Porcupine Mountains (which was right on the heals of the U.P. Beer fest). What we didn’t factor in our planning was that the downtown Muskegon shuts down at 10pm during the weekdays, including Unruly. After a speedy dinner, we ran to the pub and made it inside just before closing.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon

Inside the Unruly pub

The Unruly pub is BIG. Lots of space to hang out and have a good time.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon
I was happy to find with a name like “Unruly” and the metal horns that they have a stage for live music. I’m thinking they need to do little Michigan metal fest some day or some pleasantly aggressive bluegrass.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon

Unruly Beers

While the pub is great, it’s the beer we were after. They had 10 beers on tap along with a selection of wine and some hard cider.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon

Normally we would have done a flight, but since we didn’t have to drive (hotel was just down the block), we did pints. The favorites of the night were the Revel Rouser IPA and the Milkman IPA (with oats and lactose). Both really well done IPAs with a great hoppy aroma and a ton of flavor. I have to say I also liked the Fat Guy Little Kilt Scotch Ale too. Oh, and the Orange Julius did taste like an Orange Julius.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon
The bar staff were really friendly and put up with us ordering beers right up to closing time.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon
While our visit was brief, we enjoyed a feast of great beers at Unruly Brewing. Feel free to check out the gallery for a few more pics and don’t hesitate to leave us a comment. We’d love it if you’d subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr.



  1. Hi Life In Michigan!

    It was nice to see you guys again at Winter Beer Festival. I was just wondering if we could use one of the images from your FANTASTIC article about your visit to our Taproom a few months ago. The photo you took of our back-lit sign is awesome! We have struggled to get a good photo since it has been installed. Thank you so much for your consideration!

    Taproom Manager
    Unruly Brewing Co.

    • It was great to see you guys as well 🙂 I’ll send you an email with info on obtaining the photos


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