What do Vegans eat?

by | Nov 21, 2012 | Food

What do Vegans eat? Twigs?

Vegans don’t eat meat, eggs or dairy.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “What do you eat?” I eat a lot and yes I get enough protein and calcium.

We have the milk and beef lobbies to thank for the belief that you must drink milk and eat meat to get enough protein and calcium. If you don’t believe me, spend some time on the Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source Website.

Going vegan is a life-style choice not a diet. Thankfully we can pick our own life-style. You’re reading my blog because you are curious about me. I enjoy a delicious plant-based diet. I don’t drink soda or eat processed food. I do love a good vegan ding-dong from the Big City Bakery in Ann Arbor. This a link to my favorite vegan recipe sites.


You have to learn how to cook. Yes cook. There are not many vegan restaurants. Many restaurants have vegetarian options which usually consists of a veggie burger or pasta with a “meat-less” sauce. I’ve gotten a lot better kitchen but there are still few disasters.

cooking therapy

My oldest son, an omnivore by every definition has lobbied hard against this life-style choice. He’d like to live on beer and Twinkies if he could. After a recent eggplant disaster he agreed to eat tofu if we’d stop cooking eggplant and squash. Those vegetables are just too weird. Lol.


That is the next question I hear.

Well, because I sleep better and have more energy. My face is clear of the acne that I was plagued with after I turned 12. But the most important reason is I simply can’t digest dairy products. I get terrible migraines that impact my vision. My belly hurts and it gives me gas. So, no thank you. I am also notoriously ADD. Since going completely vegan my ability to focus has improved as well as my memory. My father died of heart disease at 65 and my mother hasn’t remembered my name in 10 years. She has dementia and is close to 90 now. I hope to avoid both the heart disease and the dementia.

How do you switch to a plant-based diet?

Baby steps. I started by eliminating chicken and beef. That was pretty easy. The next step requires a partner that is either already making the switch or wants to make the switch! This is very important you can’t do this alone. I then eliminated soda, milk and eventually yogurt and cheese. I ate eggs and fish for several years before just throwing in the towel after watching the documentary Forks of Knives. Forks over Knives – Official Trailer

For the final step you need to throw all the non-plant based food and processed food away. You could also give it to a food bank. Just get rid of it. This is very important! Keeping the temptation only creates problems.


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