Best Vegan Recipe Blogs

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Food

Cooking Vegan Food

I am asked routinely, “What are your favorite Vegan Recipe Blog sites?” I have my favorites mostly out of habit. There are thousands of great vegan recipe sites out there.  I’m always on the search for new ones and promise to update this post with more as time permits.

Best Vegan recipe blogs

According to me these are the top three. These aren’t ranked in a particular order (favorite to least favorite) but I do provide a brief review.

Post Punk Kitchen

I have to admit I  love the recipes from Post Punk Kitchen. They are practical, easy and do not have a bunch of crazy ingredients that will cost $100. Fabulous vegan baking recipes and many gluten free recipes too.  I have a friend that has celiac disease and she shares a meal or two with us.

Fat Free Vegan

I wasn’t immediately a fan of this site. This blogger doesn’t use a lot olive oil. Learning how to cook onions without was a little scary.  It was a huge adjustment but her recipes are always delicious.  She introduced me to the pressure cooker.  That was a stressful afternoon but the end result was the best white bean chile — ever.  She has a daughter so many of her recipes are kid friendly and she provides many snack ideas.

Vegan Dad

Many simple recipes and the Vegan Dad includes videos.  All recipes are kid-friendly which is a plus.  He has been on a bread-kick lately. You’ll find recipes for pizza dough, corn dogs, hoagie rolls, donuts, a Thai fishless sauce, challah bread.  Not your traditional vegan assortment but all are yummy.


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