Risky Brenda at the Crossroads Pub

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Music

Risky Brenda brought their alluring brand of eclectic rock music swimming in sexy grooves to the Crossroads Pub in Ypsilanti.

Risky Brenda - 2016-16

Risky Brenda at the Crossroads

It had been close to a year since we last saw Risky Brenda. They have a new album out called ‘What She Does’. Every time we see Risky Brenda it is memorable. When we heard they would be at the Crossroads Pub, which serves up some great Michigan beer; we were there.

Risky Brenda - 2016-23

Ada Z

Opening up the night’s festivities was Ada Z from Ypsilanti, Michigan. This band cranked out a boatload of infectious grooves. Their sound was magnet and energetic. They play rock music firmly rooted in the blues, but with a snappy dose of soul.

Ada Z - 2016-9

At times, I thought of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, and Nirvana. Now I could have gotten the Nirvana vibe from the great cover of “Breed” that they played. However, I think it was the raw power combined with some well-structured songs. In any case, I dug this band a lot.

Ada Z - 2016-10
Ada Z - 2016-13
Ada Z - 2016-14
Ada Z - 2016-3

Risky Brenda – What She Does

Take three vocalists with contrasting and complementary styles, add in hard driving rhythms and you get Risky Brenda. Their music is dirty rock and roll that oils the gears and makes everything hum. They took to the stage at Crossroads Pub and put on smoldering performance.

Risky Brenda - 2016-1

The moody and intoxicating tunes of Risky Brenda infuse their performance with edgy darkness. Vocalist Terris Arhens looks possessed by the music as it flows over him. Guitarist/vocalist Nathan Smith and Juston Brady alternate from grimace to smiles as they run through “Cold & Blue” and “Legs”. As the vocals hint at insanity, Kevin Walter (bass) and Ian Chartrand (drums) keep the rhythm tight and pumping.

Risky Brenda - 2016-8
Risky Brenda - 2016-10

This was a showcase of raw rock and roll. There is magic in music that delivers a visceral spark of life. Letting the music of Ada Z and Risky Brenda wrap around you in the cozy confines of the Crossroads Pub provides that zest. Be sure to journey over to Dark Horse Brewing to catch Risky Brenda at this year’s 4 Elf bash.

Risky Brenda - 2016-17
Risky Brenda - 2016-16
Risky Brenda - 2016-21

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  1. Great article. You describe the bands with enthusiasm and praise so much so that people should be drawn to check out performances on both bands. Great local music LIVES! !!

  2. Thanks for the great article on Risky Brenda and the awesome picture of my kid 🙂


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