A Tour of Ypsilanti Michigan

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Chuck and I toured Ypsilanti, Michigan on the coldest day in February 2015. I know what you are thinking, “What? Why? Visit when the air doesn’t hurt your face.” We were in search of an adventure and we found one in spite of the cold. We had a lovely lunch at Beezy’s Cafe and did some shopping on Michigan Ave. Chuck always has his camera ready and couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.

Beezy’s Cafe

There are a number of fun places to eat and we picked Beezy’s by accident. A friend recommended Wolverine Grill and that was our destination, but we found ourselves in front of Beezy’s Cafe and couldn’t resist. The place looked so inviting. Suddenly, we were inside and ordering food.

beezy's - ypsilanti - 2015 -1

You notice first the large menu on the wall.

beezy's - ypsilanti - 2015 -2

Beezy’s slogan is “Simple, Honest Food.” And you get exactly what they’ve promised. We ordered sandwiches, a salad and coffee and were delighted with our choices.

beezy's - ypsilanti - 2015 -6

beezy's - ypsilanti - 2015 -8

beezy's - ypsilanti - 2015 -7

I’d like to hum a few bars about the bread. We ordered tuna and egg salad sandwiches on veggie bread. Oh my, the bread was delicious. Look out Zingerman’s! Beezy’s is better. Chuck and I were walking on the wild side and ordered mustard vinaigrette for the salad dressing; another home run.

Beezy’s also uses locally-sourced ingredients and venders. Even the salt was Michigan made! I was sorely tempted by the Better Made Chips but I resisted.

beezy's - ypsilanti - 2015 -9

We licked our plates and thanked the polite and helpful wait staff and made our way to Michigan Avenue for a bit of shopping.

Downtown Ypsilanti

This day was full of surprises. We found Ypsilanit Running Co. on Michigan Ave. We popped in for a quick look around and left with bags in hand.

ypsilanti - 2015-1

There were several fun stores to choose from including the The Rocket and the Model Cave.

ypsilanti - 2015-2

ypsilanti - 2015-4

Historical Buildings

Chuck couldn’t resist taking a few photos on Huron Street on our way to Depot Town. I was totally frozen and stayed in the Jeep. The Ypsilanti Historical Museum was originally the Dow family mansion built in 1860.

ypsilanti - 2015-8

ypsilanti - 2015-7

This is St. Luke’s Church house. The church is Ypsilanti’s oldest church and was built in 1858.

ypsilanti - 2015-10

The Ypsilanti History Walking tour says that this was the home and dental clinic of Dr. John Watling. Dr. Watling was a founding member of the University of Michigan Dental School.

ypsilanti - 2015-11

The Ladies Library was built back in 1858 for the Mills Family. You have to wonder about that cool little glass observatory on top.

ypsilanti - 2015-12

We don’t know much about this house. Chuck thought it looked interesting with the rough stone masonry.

ypsilanti - 2015-13

Depot Town

Our tour wouldn’t complete without stopping by Depot Town. Here you can find Side Track with their phenomenal beer selection and the fun and funky Cafe Ollie that we’ve visited for some tasty food and beverages.


ypsilanti - 2015-15

The Water Tower

Finally, the Water Tower, definitely one of the most well known buildings in Southern Michigan. Admit it, you’ve got to wonder what they were thinking when they designed it.

ypsilanti - 2015-18

ypsilanti - 2015-16

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