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Our friends at Behind the Mitten with Amy Sherman and John Gonzalez invited us to join them on their radio show, which you can hear on various radio stations around the state. If you missed it, you can listen to our nerdy voices on the show’s podcast. 

Behind the Mitten

Behind The Mitten 

We were surprised when we got the invite but thrilled none the less. Behind the Mitten with Amy Sherman and John Gonzalez is an award-winning radio show about beer, food and travel. They are “real’ journalists and know a thing or two about beer and food. John was inducted as a member of Central Michigan University’s Journalism Hall of Fame. Amy was the host of the television show, the Great American Brew Trail. To top it off, they are both reporters for Mlive Michigan’s Best series. 

How We Met 

I’m sure you are wondering, “How in the world did you two meet Amy and John?”  The short answer, Beer. Chuck met Amy at the 2014 Winter Beer Festival. He found her in the crowd, snapped this gorgeous picture and they exchanged phone numbers. (This happens at beer festivals, I’m not concerned.) Apparently I was yucking it up with the Brits by Schmohz Brewery’s fire pit. There are more details about in my Hangover post. 

The famous Amy Sherman - Behind The Mitten

The Hangover post was also my induction into writing Beer Festival Reviews. Please be kind, if you choose to read it. As they say, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

A sampling of the post’s comments:

Donna wrote:

This might be the best beer festival review ever! At least the most accurate in my experiences. I always come home with a pocket full of cards and stickers and no recollection too. I do remember being really impressed by Unruly from Muskegon. I got to try some of my husband’s Blueberry Eisbock from Kuhnhenn, which was really good. Totally worth 3 tokens when you consider the time and materials that go into producing it. I didn’t see the cute t-shirts at Greenbush, but I did get a new Witch’s Hat one.

The guy in the picture with Marty is Jon Pipenbrok, the Minister of Beerformation at Kuhnhenn, among other things.

Amy wrote:

OMG! Brenda you NAILED IT. I was laughing out loud while reading, because all of this is true. Then I tagged my friend who I was with and said the only thing you missed was the mysterious bruise that appears the next day….because that what happened to her. She thought that maybe it was from doing some fabulous high kicks and falling…do I tell her she wiped out (three times) upon exiting the port a john? I might just keep that to myself. And the fact that I didn’t help her up until the third time because I was laughing so hard. Really really (drunk) laughing.

Ian & Debby: 

Brenda – those charming semi-frozen Brits (currently stuck in Ohio) are Ian and Debby Roberts. All the beers we tasted were top drawer and Grand Rapids itself is a totally brilliant little city.

It was my Birthday on Tuesday (always proud of the fact that my Birthday is the same day as George Harrison) and amongst my prezzies was a really smart insulated jacket from Nautica, plus a pair of snow boots. As I unopened them, Debby casually said “Let’s try and get tickets for next year’s Winter Festival…”

Thanks for the beer tokens!

See you at the Summer Fest?

Behind The Mitten Episode 133 at HOMES Brewing

Chuck loves the spotlight. Me, not so much. I’m surprised I uttered anything intelligible. Amy and John are pros and coaxed a few words from me. Chuck sailed through the interview like a rock star.

Our interview with Behind The Mitten was recorded at HOMES Brewing and there were 4 segments. We were third. During our interview we gave a shout to a few of our favorite Michigan friends. Listed below are excerpts and links if you want to check out a few of the Michigan treasures we mention in the interview. 

Segment 1: John and Amy talk to Chad W. Wiebesick of Washtenaw County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc. and Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. More info at https://www.visitannarbor.org/

Segment 2: (Listen at 9:58): Cory Joyrich of Ann Arbor Hands on Museum. More info at https://www.aahom.org/

Segment 3 (Listen at 19:44): We invite our friends Chuck Marshall and Brenda Sodt Foster to join the show. Their blog is Life in Michigan. More info at https://lifeinmichigan.com/

Segment 4 (Listen at 30:30:) More events with Chad from Ann Arbor/Ypsi CVB. And Beer of the Week from Nick Panchame, the head brewer from HOMES Brewery, which opened early 2017. More info at https://www.facebook.com/homesbrewery/

Listen to “Behind the Mitten” on Spreaker.

A few of the Michigan treasures mentioned in the interview. 

Chamberin’s Ole Forest Inn

Overlooking the Big Manistique Lake, in Curtis, Michigan is Chamberlin’s Ole Forest Inn. It is one of the Upper Peninsula’s treasures and shouldn’t be missed.  

Chamberlin's Ole Forest Inn - 2017-30 - Behind The Mitten

Delicious food, an impressive bar, live music, a huge fireplace and beautiful guest rooms are just a few of its charms. But Its allure is its location. Just far enough off the beaten trail; it feels remote. You feel transported to another time, but with WIFI and good craft beer. It casts a spell over you and you’ll race your friends to return. 

For more about it, read our post. 

Michigan Heritage Park

The time traveling machine in Whitehall, Michigan is a smoking deal at only $10 a person. You can experience 10,000 years in just a few hours at the Michigan Heritage Park. The interpreters are hands down the best. Their stores are enchanting. They encourage you to TOUCH the exhibits. You can’t help asking questions. Even the most reluctant family member will enjoy history. The Michigan Heritage Park is a perfect getaway, even when it is raining. 

Michigan Heritage Park in Whitehall - 21 - Behind The Mitten

For more about it, read our post. 

Fitzgerald’s Inn

We tacked our Keweenaw Peninsula Adventure on to our trip to Marquette, Michigan for the 2015 UP Fall Michigan Beer Festival. The adventure’s primary focus was exploiting the delights of the Eagle River Inn and if the stars aligned, witness the Northern Lights.

Keweenaw - Eagle River Inn - Brickside - 2015-42 - Behind The Mitten

For more about it, read our post. 

Detroit History Tours 

Bailey, the proprietress and owner of Detroit History Tours is as funny as she is knowledgeable about Detroit’s history. She was also our Haunted Detroit Tour guide and a skilled storyteller who knows her craft well. The Haunted Detroit Tour is just one of many tours organized by the Detroit History Tours

Haunted Detroit Tour-60

For more about it, read our post. 


Kitch-iti-kipi what? No, it is not a kinky itch you might have contracted in the 70’s, but the name of an emerald green pool near Manistique in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Kitch-iti-kipi-2016-3 - Behind The Mitten

For more about it, read our post. 

Ann Arbor Trails 

Ann Arbor, Michigan is crisscrossed with miles of fantastic urban trail. One of our favorite’s is the Black Pond Woods Nature Area trail, that connects to the Leslie Park Trail, crosses Pontiac Trail, skirts Cloverdale Park/neighborhood, tunnels under M-14, twists and turns along Whitmore Lake Road before ending across from Barton Shore Dr. If you turn around and head back, the loop is about 4 miles. If you continue to Bandemer Park, you can connect to the Bird Hill Nature Area or the B2B.

Screenshot 2015-04-26 13.14.38

For more about it, read our post. 

Midnight Madness

As far as I’m concerned the holiday season kicks-in with Ann Arbor’s Midnight Madness event. It is shopping, merrymaking, bar hopping and fun all rolled into one event. Chuck and I gathered with friends to kick-off the 2013 event at Old Town Tavern for food and a few drinks.

The streets were filled with shoppers, carolers, entertainers (including Elvis!), Santa Claus and even Miss Washtenaw County.

Main St. in Ann Arbor busy! - Behind The Mitten

For more about it, read our post. 

Chelsea Ale House 

The Chelsea Alehouse served up a heaping helping of down home bluegrass music at the Jason Dennie and Mark Lavengood Bluegrass Bonanza.

Bluegrass Bonanza JasonDennieMarkLavengood-ChelseaAlehouse-Chelsea-MI-20151028-ChuckMarshall-029

For more about it, read our post. 

Katelynn Corll

The house was packed to hear an outstanding set of music from Katelynn Corll at 20 Front Street in Lake Orion with a few special friends.

Katelynn Corll at 20 Front Street-30

For more about it, read our post. 

Kerrytown District’s Kindlefest 2014

On December 5th, we hurried to Kerrytown for Kindlefest 2014. No, it isn’t a gathering of Kindle owners! It is Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown District’s Christkindlmarket. Are you still confused? Christkindlmarket is a German Christmas market, or Weihnachtsmarkt.  Starting in December, Christmas markets are held all over Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Germany’s largest Christmas market is in Nuremberg.

Kindlefest - Kerrytown - 2014 -1

For more about it, read our post. 

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