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Ann Arbor, Michigan is crisscrossed with miles of fantastic urban trail. One of our favorite’s is the Black Pond Woods Nature Area trail, that connects to the Leslie Park Trail, crosses Pontiac Trail, skirts Cloverdale Park/neighborhood, tunnels under M-14, twists and turns along Whitmore Lake Road before ending across from Barton Shore Dr. If you turn around and head back, the loop is about 4 miles. If you continue to Bandemer Park, you can connect to the Bird Hill Nature Area or the B2B.

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When I’m running, walking or mountain biking these trails I often find myself musing about the travelers who journeyed these trails before me. It always conjures images of the Potawatomi, Ojibwe, and Odawa Indians who first blazed these trails. I’d like to think it is my sixth sense kicking in, but I’m sure it is my overactive imagination, too much time reading the historical markers and obsession with genealogy.

Urban Hike - Ann Arbor - 2015-43

Urban Hike - Ann Arbor - 2015

We have a many more pictures of Ann Arbor in Urban Hike Gallery.

Leslie Park Trail

You can’t get lost. If you’d like to follow the 4-mile loop, remember to stay left and take the wider trail if you have a choice. There is one tricky turn and you could find yourself in the middle of Leslie Golf course.

We connected to the trail via the trailhead in the Leslie Science & Nature Center.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-1

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-2

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-3

Black Pond Woods Nature Area trailhead is just behind the garden. It is not hard to find I promise.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-4

Take a left, if you go right, you’ll find yourself on Traver Road.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-5

A little bit of a switchback and take another left.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-8

Now here is the tricky part: the trail divides but DON’T go to the left and around the fence post. Larry the dog is pointed in the wrong direction!

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-11

Go right and then take a HARD left, if you don’t, you’ll end up on the Golf Course.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-12

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-13

The trail pops out on Pontiac Trail.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-17

Cross Pontiac Trail and take the trail to the left of the bus stop.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-18

The trail skirts Cloverdale Street and Park. There are a number of trail openings, but just ignore them.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-19

Remember to stay to the left.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-23

Now a bit of fun!

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-27

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-28

No worries, there aren’t any trolls.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-29

But be careful walking on the boards. I always feel like a gymnast on the high beam.

Remember, take the trail to the left!

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-30

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-31

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-33

In a snap, you are standing across from Barton Shore Drive.

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-34

If you cross the road you can connect to the Huron River Greenway Boarder-to-Border Trail (B2B). If you turn around, remember stay to the left!

Ann Arbor Trails - Leslie -2015-35

You’ll encounter several splits in the trail, but just stay to the left. If you don’t, you won’t get lost and eventually will find your way back to the Leslie Park Trailhead. We have more pictures in our gallery.

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