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Bluegrass Bonanza at the Chelsea Alehouse

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Beer, Music | 3 comments

The Chelsea Alehouse served up a heaping helping of down home bluegrass music at the Jason Dennie and Mark Lavengood Bluegrass Bonanza.

Bluegrass Bonanza JasonDennieMarkLavengood-ChelseaAlehouse-Chelsea-MI-20151028-ChuckMarshall-029

Bluegrass Bonanza with Jason Dennie and Mark Lavengood

Not only does Chelsea Alehouse brew up some fine beers and make some tasty food, they also bring in outstanding musical talent ranging from folk to funk. Wednesday nights they invite some of the best bluegrass musicians to storm the stage.

Bluegrass Bonanza JasonDennieMarkLavengood-ChelseaAlehouse-Chelsea-MI-20151028-ChuckMarshall-027

As folks are quickly filling up the tables and enjoying a beer, Jason Dennie (mandolin) and Mark Lavengood (dobro) rounded up their Bluegrass Bonanza and got the show hopping. The Bluegrass Bonanza includes Spencer Cain (bass), Kyle Rhodes (guitar), and Keith Bilik (banjo). A few people may recognize Keith, Spencer, and Mark from Lindsay Lou and the Flatbelly’s.

Jason Dennie and Mark Lavenwood - Chelsea Alehouse - 2015-5

Burning with a Hungry Heart

The Bluegrass Bonanza played a tantalizing mix of original and cover tunes, including Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart”. Each song was bursting with love and life. You could see the passion flowing from each musician as they traded off on wild runs. Feet were tapping, hands were clapping, and smiles were across the board.

Bluegrass Bonanza JasonDennieMarkLavengood-ChelseaAlehouse-Chelsea-MI-20151028-ChuckMarshall-004
Bluegrass Bonanza JasonDennieMarkLavengood-ChelseaAlehouse-Chelsea-MI-20151028-ChuckMarshall-018
Bluegrass Bonanza JasonDennieMarkLavengood-ChelseaAlehouse-Chelsea-MI-20151028-ChuckMarshall-001
Bluegrass Bonanza JasonDennieMarkLavengood-ChelseaAlehouse-Chelsea-MI-20151028-ChuckMarshall-003

Mark Lavengood and Jason Dennie traded off on vocal duties. They both have voices that capture the rich tonality of bluegrass and country music. Each has their own style and when blended together with backing from Kyle Rhodes they resonated with glory.


It was a treat to see incredibly talented musicians playing the music they love with a fistful of gusto. The unbridled delight of an artist relishing their craft is a marvel to behold. Experience this for yourself and go see the Bluegrass Bonanza with Jason Dennie and Mark Lavengood at the Chelsea Alehouse. They will be playing on Wednesday nights through November.


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