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Michigan State Parks Program Needs Volunteers

by | Feb 29, 2012 | Michigan | 2 comments

Feel like spending some time in the great outdoors and doing good for Michigan state parks and recreation areas?

The Great Lakes Gazette posted the following:

The Department of Natural Resources has lots of opportunities for volunteers to help clean up, spruce up, and restore natural habitats at 17 sites across

The state as part of the new Volunteer Steward Program.  You can participate in a group Stewardship Workday to join others in eliminating non-native and invasive plants and shrubs from prairies, forests and dunes; pull on your work gloves and waterproof boots and check out the calendar of Volunteer Stewardship Workdays.

If you like to work on your own you can take training to perform tasks such as mapping invasive plants, collecting native seeds, monitoring insects and redistributing the Galerucella Beetle to combat the invasive purple loosestrife.

For more information and to register for a workday contact Laurel Malvitz-Draper at malvitzl@michigan.gov or 248-359-9057 for southeast Michigan, and for southwest Michigan contact Heidi Frei at freih@michigan.gov or 269-685-6851 ext. 147

A Recreation Passport is required for entry to State Parks and Recreation Areas. Annual cost for Michigan residents is $10 for motor vehicles/$5 motorcycles. They’re available when you renew your license plate and at park entrances.

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