Michigan Renaissance Festival

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Beer, Michigan

For 37 years, the Michigan Renaissance Festival has offered Michigan an opportunity to time-travel into the 16th Century. Chuck and I love an adventure and this one looks like a good one. It includes time-travel, beer, music and an excellent adventure map!


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The Michigan Renaissance Festival is held in Holly, Michigan within a 17-acre village called, “The Village of Holly Grove.” The festival is held weekends and Labor Day, August 22nd thru October 4th, plus Festival Friday, October 2nd. I’m sure you are thinking, “So pick a weekend and put it on the calendar.” Now hold on to your horses Becky. There are “Theme Weekends” and each offers something slightly different and 17 stages offering music, theater shows, and comedy to consider before we pick a date. You can check out Broadway play schedules as well in case you are interested.  The entertainment list at the Michigan Renaissance Festival is impressive. There are more than 300 artists, and food vendors. This year they have a new attraction the “Beer Academy with Professor Angus MacLaddy.” Plus, we need to decide what to wear! Patrons are encouraged to wear their Renaissance garb. OMG my head is spinning.

We need your help planning our Michigan Renaissance Festival adventure! If you have any advice or recommendations, please leave us a comment. 

Theme Weekends

The Highland Fling and High Seas Adventure are the top two contenders with the Royal Pet & Ale Fest as an option but I think we may have conflicts that weekend.

The Highland Fling includes Highland Heavy Games and Men in Kilts Contest plus a Micro Brew Tasting. This weekend is a strong contender.


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Beer Academy

We heard from a highly confidential source, Professor Angus MacLaddy is a featured guest this year. He is a lecturer from the School of Highland Academic Tasting Studies (SHATS) who specializes in beer styles, beer history and socially unacceptable inebriation. MacLaddy’s class will provide a brief history of this glorious nectar, as well as analyze styles from Scotch Ales to Belgian Triples. The best way to analyze styles is by drinking them so beer samples will be provided.


Entertainment Options

The Noble Cause was voted best Jousting Troupe of 2014! They’ll be back this year with their Knights in shining armor riding their stunning war-horses while their ladies riding cheer them on.


(Photo credit: Michigan Renaissance Festival)


There are many talented musicians on the festival roster, but Raven Song caught might my eye. We had the pleasure of seeing them at the Gears, Beards, and Beers Event in Jackson, Michigan in March. They played a great mix of Celtic music which included old standards such as “Whiskey In the Jar”. We hope to catch their show at the festival.


Need your help!

If you have any recommendations for shows we shouldn’t miss, please leave us a comment. If you have a story about the Festival you’d like share we’d love to hear it. Keep in touch with us by signing up for our email or you can find us on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr. Cheers!

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