HAKi with Harmolodics at Batch Brewing in Detroit

by | Jun 2, 2024 | Michigan, Music

Exploring an infinite sea of musical possibilities with HAKi and Harmolodics at Batch Brewing in Detroit.

HAKi at Batch Brewing

HAKi and Harmolodics at Batch Brewing

With their outdoor stage ready for action, Batch Brewing offered an evening of musical exploration featuring HAKi with support from Harmolodics. Each of these bands is a voyager in the sonic sea known as jazz. My previous musical experiences in this genre have only been a small toe splash. Tonight, we plunged into this vast blue ocean of sound.


Learning something new while experiencing another perspective is a blast. Harmolodics provided this and more. The band includes Ben Green (trumpet), David Ward (drums), and Benjamin Wood (bass). Seeing them on stage gave me the oddest feeling I’d seen them before. Then it kicked in that each of these guys play in the funky band known as Sabbatical Bob

Tonight at Batch Brewing, it was all about jazz. And in particular, a sonic rendering of the harmolodics. This is where a music experience not only brings a new listening perspective but also new wisdom. You see, the band’s name is derived from the system of music pioneered by jazz musician Ornette Coleman called harmolodics

You can run down a vast rabbit hole on the subject of harmolodics, which will blow your mind. Let’s just say that the band seeks to capture the essence of Coleman’s system, where harmony, melody, and rhythm have equal importance. In effect, music should seek freedom from the restrictions placed by adhering to a particular style. Alternatively, you can think of it as freeing the music to be all styles at any time. Mind blown, right?! In practice, Harmolodics gave a brilliant performance with music that both intrigued and invigorated. 

Harmolodics at Batch Brewing
Harmolodics at Batch Brewing
Harmolodics at Batch Brewing


I believe that HAKi takes inspiration from the Japanese word “haki,” which, in one translation means ambition. I once again jumped into a deep rabbit warren regarding the Japanese manga series known as One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. Sort of like the “force” in Star Wars, “haki” in the One Piece world is a power all living creatures can harness, but only a few achieve mastery. Using this power, a being can do amazing things. I won’t go into all of this, as part of the fun is exploring for yourself. What I will say is that the band HAKi is using their haki to craft superb and powerful music.

HAKi is from the Detroit area and features Mark Royzenblat (guitar), Allison Radell (keyboards), Benjamin Wood (bass), Jake Shadik (saxophone), and Louis M Jones III (drums). Together, they played an impressive set of music. They roam the spectrum of sounds, seeking insight within the nuances of each note and rhythmic pulse. HAKi also fuses heavy elements via the guitars and invigorating rhythms that bring powerhouses such as Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report to mind. 

HAKi at Batch Brewing
HAKi at Batch Brewing
HAKi at Batch Brewing
HAKi at Batch Brewing
HAKi at Batch Brewing


Check out the galleries for HAKi and Harmolodics for some more photos from their sets at Batch Brewing. Be sure to keep in touch with these bands if you are looking to expand your horizons and enjoy exceptional musicians creating transformative music.

HAKi at Batch Brewing

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