Canyon Falls Michigan’s Grand Canyon

The Canyon Falls trail along the Sturgeon River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been dubbed “Michigan’s Grand Canyon.” It is 15 miles south of L’Anse, Michigan on US 41. There is plenty of parking at the roadside park. Blue slashes along the trail mark the North Country Trail

Canyon Falls-8

Canyon Falls Trail

Michigan’s Grand Canyon popped-up on my news feed a few days before our 2017 Michigan Adventure. Of’course it was click bait and I took it. Since we were headed to Copper Harbor to catch the ferry to Isle Royale, we stopped.

Canyon Falls-20

Imagine Marge Simpson’s voice as you read. Wear appropriate foot ware. Please. The trail is a shin bitter and is slippery when wet. If you must let your kids run about in their crocks, then hold their hand and run along with them. And PLEASE do not let your 4 year old climb over the railing. It is there for a reason. 

Canyon Falls-10

Canyon Falls-9

Swimming Hole

Canyon Falls-14

Young ladies passed us with towels tucked under their arms. I asked several, “Did you swim?” They shook their heads no and trudged past us. I tried not to sound like Marge Simpson but a curious hiker.

The swimming hole wasn’t hard to find. Young men lined up waiting to jump. With my best investigative reporter voice I asked a wet, muscular, nearly naked, handsome, twenty something, “Were you scared?” I realized almost immediately it wasn’t the best question. Bless his heart, he answered, “My heart was pounding. I couldn’t see anything.” To which I replied, “Oh was the water dark?” His look said, “Are you dumb?” But he said, “No I couldn’t see if there were rocks below the water?” My look probably said, “Are you dumb?” I finally found my voice and peeked over the edge into the river below and asked, “How do you get out?” A different young man supplied the answer, “There is a rope. You have to climb out, hand over fist.”

Sturgeon River and the Gorge

Canyon Falls-19

Canyon Falls-4

Canyon Falls-6

Canyon Falls is a marvelous natural wonder just sitting off the highway and waiting for you to explore. We have more photos in our gallery

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  1. What is the address to the Grand canyon of Michigan

    • Hello Mike – best bet is to use google maps and search for “Canyon Falls Car Park” – here is a link from google –

  2. Is there a brochure on the falls. Also any information on where to stay and restaurants. When is the best time to visit the falls.

    • Hello Linda – there isn’t a brochure that I can find on the falls – although there is also this link which may help – As for where to stay, the closest towns are L’Anse and Baraga. Marquette isn’t too far a drive (1hr,6mins per Google). Houghton is about 50 minutes north and a great town to visit. As for restaurants, check out Hilltop on the way into L’Anse. They have cinnamon rolls as big as your head 🙂 Marquette and Houghton probably have the best variety of places to stay and eat. However, there is food and motels in L’Anse.

  3. Hi Chuck –

    We are planning to stop here on the way to Copper Harbor as well. Is the hike fairly short? Or do you think this will be an entire day trip?

    • Hi Abby,

      This is a short hike just off the road. You can spend some time there, but definitely not all day. Unless, you just want to hang out and watch the river roll by 🙂

      • Stunning. Would love to be able to see it. Guessing I can’t navigate in my wheelchair….

        • My recollection is that while the path is not paved, it is fairly flat. That said, I know there are sections that would not be passable by wheelchair the further you go on the trail. It may be worth a stop to scout out if your travels take you nearby.


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