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We wanted to feel the zeel in Zeeland, Michigan and happened upon the town’s one and only brewery, Tripelroot. It was fantastic!

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-6


After the Spring Beer City Fest in Hudsonville, we decided to get some food at Public in Zeeland. Brenda and Angie stopped into a clothes store in town leaving myself and Jeff standing in the street. We looked across the way and saw this very cool wood sided building with a big wide open bar facing the street. We ventured over and to our surprise discovered this cool looking place was Triperoot Brewing.

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-1

The Space

When you walk into Tripelroot, you are greeted with a wide open space with rustic brick walls, open ceiling, large wood beams and beautiful hardwood floors. If the weather is nice like it was on our visit, the front of the building has a roll-up door that lets in warm summer air and natural light.

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-2
Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-4

We talked to Laura and Nate Gentry who own Tripelroot and they were more than happy to give us some of the history of launching the brewery. The building is over 100 years old. It was originally a hardware store and since the 70’s it had been a bank branch office. They spent nearly two years renovating the space. Tearing out the sad 70’s coverings and exposing the original floor and brick walls. They even found this old sign tucked into a wall space from the old hardware.

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-12

Nate knew someone who was tearing down an old barn and they harvested the large frame timbers, siding, and corrugated steel to use within the brewery to give it that comfortable rustic feel. They did a fantastic job as this place makes you feel right at home. Although, I think a big part of that feel is from the warm and friendly folks who take care of you as soon as you walk in the door.

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-14

They actually have a large screen TV for big events and we watched the Kentucky derby. That was a ton of fun! A really nice touch is that they have a barn door that rolls over the TV, so you don’t have a mindless TV going all the time.

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-13

Great Beers

The beer at Tripelroot was outstanding. They had two of their beers and some excellent selections of other Michigan beers as well as wine and ciders. I tried the Mulletude and Training Session. Mulletude was a black IPA with a nice full body and balanced taste. Training Session was session IPA with a hoppy nose and great taste from start to finish.

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-5

Feel The Zeel

Next time you are anywhere remotely near Zeeland, stop by Tripleroot and say hello to Nate and Laura.

Tripelroot Brewing - Zeeland - 2015-11

They have a fantastic place that is well worth a visit. Stop by the gallery for more picture of Tripleroot.

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