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The best part of blogging is when other Michiganders share their stories with us. We were thrilled when we got an email from Eric at Tree-Purposed Detroit. I immediately “googled” them and spent time on their website and Esty shop. I fell in love with their beautiful products. Chuck this is a hint for my birthday 😉

Eric has extended an invitation to visit their shop. We are definitely going to make a field trip to Livonia, Michigan to visit their shop. First, we need to dig out from all the snow mother nature has dumped on us. That adventure may need to wait until Spring.

Tree-Purposed Detroit

logo2 2

What is Tree-Purposed Detroit and why would we be so excited about it?

Tree-Purposed is a local Detroit sawmill and a custom workshop. They take Metro Detroit’s urban woodwaste and turn it into usable, high quality wood products. When I read that I thought, “How cool is that!” I wish I’d known about Tree-Purposed before we had an old cherry tree removed from our yard. Their blog post, Spalted Maple Cutting Boardsreally illustrates the process of removing dead, dangerous or unwanted trees in an urban setting and recycling it into beautiful, handmade works of art.

They are also artists and lumberjacks! (Again, “How cool is that?”) Evan Burger, the co-owner of Tree-Purposed, is also the owner of Arbor Man.


Michigan Reclaimed Wood Products

What do they make from the reclaimed wood products?

Boards galore! Cutting boards, cheese boards, charcuterie boards, bread boards, serving boards! Just about any kind of board you can think of!

This beautiful cherry serving tray would look great on a sideboard table don’t you think?

cherry serving tray 2

Or this “Live Edge Cherry Reclaimed Urban Lumber Serving Tray Home Decor Charcuterie Board

live edge

Last picture of a board I promise! But I had to share this one. It is a large Live Edge Spalted Maple Reclaimed Urban Lumber cutting board serving tray. It is finished with walnut oil. Whoa, wait a minute. What about nut allergies? The craftsmen at Tree-Purposed do NOT use grocery store walnut oil, but Mahoney’s brand walnut oil, which has been heated and filtered to remove/disable the proteins involved in allergies. (Wow, they’ve thought of everything!)

cheese board 2

They make picture frames and custom branded coasters too! Each item is unique and made from reclaimed Michigan wood products. What a great idea for promoting a bar or business.


Coffee tables anyone? Yep, they make these too. These are not ordinary coffee tables either.

Barn Wood Flooring and Cedar Fencing

In addition to recycling wood from unwanted trees they also recycle wood from buildings and fences.

From cedar fencing they made a custom dining set. (I didn’t include a picture because you need to visit their site and read the blog post!) It would look gorgeous in almost any home. I’m sure if you need a conference room table, they could create something that would impress any perspective client.

What else do they make? Just about anything you can dream up. They love working on new designs.

What’s not to love? Oh, and they love Michigan Beer! If you were on the fence about Tree-Purposed Detroit.

(Photo credit: Tree-Purposed Esty site These are their photos, not mine.) I hope to post our own photos after our field trip to their shop later this Spring.


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