Tin Can Bar in Grand Rapids

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Beer, Michigan

The Tin Can Bar in the heart of Grand Rapids celebrates Michigan beer with over 50 local brews all in the classic tin can.

The Tin Can Bar and ArtPrize

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-17

We discovered the Tin Can Bar through of all things, ArtPrize®. Not sure what ArtPrize is, well here is how the fine folks at ArtPrize describe it:

“ArtPrize a radically open, independently organized international art competition. Occurring annually, the 19-day competition turns three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, into an open playing field for art and creative expression. At ArtPrize, everyone is invited to find a voice in the conversation about what art is, and why art matters. It’s unorthodox, highly disruptive, and undeniably intriguing to the art world and the public alike.”

Sounds pretty cool aye? We thought so and decided to enter some of our artwork into the mix. In order to enter, you have to find a venue to host. The Tin Can Bar looked like a fun place and they embrace Michigan beer, so we sent them a request to host our photography. To our great joy, they accepted. You’ll be able to see canvas wraps of Life In Michigan photography at the Tin Can Bar starting on September 23 and running through October 11th.

The Tin Can Bar in Grand Rapids just recently opened over at 208 Grandville Ave SW. They are kitty corner to Founders which gives you some great options for a pub crawl in the area. If you are in Lansing or Dewitt you can also find the Tin Can Bar.

Beer in a Can

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-6

The Tin Can Bar features beer in a can. Pretty simple, but also very cool. They have over 100 beers in cans and half of those from Michigan breweries. You can get anything from your standard PBR to Blackrocks 51K IPA and many more. I mean just look at this picture!

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-16

That is just a small sample of some of awesome Michigan beers available in cans. The Tin Can Bar also has a full bar and specialize in Faygo Bombs where Faygo gets sassy with some booze.

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-12

Fun Space

The Tin Can Bar is big and wide open. Plenty of room to sit down and have a drink with friends. There are also plenty of high definition screens for watching a game.

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-11
Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-10

The front windows roll open to link the sidewalk patio with the rest of the bar.

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-18

One wall is covered in chalkboard paint to let folks get creative. This space is where you’ll be able to gander at the great artwork displayed as part of ArtPrize!

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-8

Life In Michigan is excited to team up with the Tin Can Bar for ArtPrize. We hope you are too. When you are in Grand Rapids, stop by for a beer and say hello. We also have some more pictures of the Tin Can Bar in the gallery.

Tin Can Bar - Grand Rapids - 2015-7

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