The Blueflowers at the Cadieux Cafe with Duende

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Back to the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit for a night of eclectic rock music from The Blueflowers, Duende, and Voodoo Synthesist.

The Blueflowers - Cadieux Cafe

Unlike the last show at the Cadieux Cafe to see Girl Fight, Hail Alien, and Ladyship Warship, the threat of rain for tonight’s show with The Blueflowers, Duende, and Voodoo Synthesist was very real. The rain came down in buckets. While the downpour was brief, it forced the music inside.

Being moved inside the Cadieux Cafe due to rain is not a bad thing. The Cadieux Cafe is a classic Detroit bar with a ton of history and ambiance. On top of that, they have amazing food and a damn fine lineup of beers to enjoy. Apparently, the happy hour rocks as there were a number of folks clearly having a great time when I arrived for the show. Grabbing a beer and chatting with the fine folks from Duende, we turned to the stage as Voodoo Synthesist opened the show.

Voodoo Synthesist

Voodoo Synthesist is a one man synth showcase of industrial beats and grooves. I caught flashes of Lords of Acid, a slightly less scary Aphex Twins, and a touch of John Carpenter in the hexes cast by Voodoo Synthesist. 

Voodoo Synthesist - Cadieux Cafe

Like a lot of good music should, the tunes from Voodoo Synthesist created stories in the mind. Surrounding conversations of “This song is what I hear in my mind walking around the streets..” had me smiling and thinking as I pondered my own mental imagery. I’m pretty sure at one point I heard a demented riff on a Harry Potter melody.

Voodoo Synthesist - Cadieux Cafe


I’ve been looking forward ever since talking with Duende and their family of friends on Fans With Bands to seeing them rocking out once again on stage. Hearing live music again is exhilarating and witnessing the driving psychedelic roots rock of Duende is magical. 

Duende - Cadieux Cafe
Duende - Cadieux Cafe

Duende sounded fantastic and captivated us with their weirdly wonderful rock. Jeff (vocals/guitar) channeled the lords of rock and roll. Laura (drums) and Scott (bass) hypnotizing rhythms set the stage for Joel’s wrangling riffs that shake, rattle, and roll. Many have missed the community that music provides and being a part of this show with Duende is proof of the healing power of rock and roll.

Duende - Cadieux Cafe
Duende - Cadieux Cafe

The Blueflowers

I’m torn. Should I be happy that I finally heard The Blueflowers or sad that it took me twelve years to find them? I’ll err on the side of happiness and share my thorough enjoyment of their set at the Cadieux Cafe.

The Blueflowers - Cadieux Cafe
The Blueflowers - Cadieux Cafe

For others who are new to this Detroit based band, The Blueflowers are darkly beautiful. Their name captures so much of their essence. The music would fit perfectly in the next David Lynch or perhaps True Detective series. I imagine a deeply seductive Roy Orbison fever dream. A melange of melodies set to a darkening western sky.

The Blueflowers - Cadieux Cafe
The Blueflowers - Cadieux Cafe

Not knowing the music, each song was a new page in my musical memoir. The set by The Blueflowers was perfectly paced. At one moment languid and the next rolling. I couldn’t shake the feeling of a waking dream. A notion of distant lights winking on and off in the twilight. The essential life within the music of The Blueflowers is enchanting. After their set, I quickly snapped up some of their vinyl and CDs to enjoy at home.

The Blueflowers - Cadieux Cafe


You’ll find more pictures in the galleries for Voodoo Synthesist, Duende, and The Blueflowers. If you were at the show, let us know what you thought. We’d love to get your perspective.

The Blueflowers - Cadieux Cafe

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