Rolling Sculpture Car Show in Ann Arbor 2017

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Hundreds of classic and exotic cars lined the streets of downtown Ann Arbor for the annual Rolling Sculpture Car Show on Frinday, July 14, 2017.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-100

Rolling Sculpture Car Show

The Rolling Sculpture Car Show is a sure sign of summer and the impending onslaught of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. Bill Crispin Chevrolet and the Main Street Area Association host the event which takes place along Main Street with offshoots into Liberty and Washington.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-67

This year’s festival was a real treat. The weather was fantastic! The typical July muggy sweat-fest was replaced with sunny skies and highs in the mid-70’s. The delightful weather coupled with an amazing collection of classic and exotic automobiles was more than enough incentive to draw a big crowd.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-1

Check Out The Cars

The array of cars on hand this year was outstanding. There was a nice selection of classic muscle cars from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-14
Rolling Sculpture 2017-75
Rolling Sculpture 2017-141

Also on hand were some very fine classic cruisers ranging from as early as 1916.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-52
Rolling Sculpture 2017-121
Rolling Sculpture 2017-92

You can’t help at marvel at the details on some of these beautiful machines. I’m not even close to being mechanically minded, yet I have a great appreciation for the devotion of these car owners.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-78
Rolling Sculpture 2017-40
Rolling Sculpture 2017-98
Rolling Sculpture 2017-119

What makes the Rolling Sculpture Car Show in Ann Arbor special is the eclectic mix of cars. From a Hudson, to a Fiat, to an old VW Bug, this show has a dazzling array of cars to keep your head spinning and your eyes dancing.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-42
Rolling Sculpture 2017-16
Rolling Sculpture 2017-128
Rolling Sculpture 2017-7

DeSoto Club

Down on Liberty, we found a marvelous gathering of Chrysler DeSoto’s. There was something special about these cars. It could have been the lines or all the fine details. One that caught our eye was this car with a 45 record player under the dash. You can imagine your grandparents at the drive-in burger joint cranking out some Fats Domino.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-111
Rolling Sculpture 2017-115
Rolling Sculpture 2017-108
Rolling Sculpture 2017-110

Classic Tunes

On hand spinning hours of classic tunes was Surfer Joe – Hot Rod DJ. He targeted his classic car audience with music themed around the beloved automobile, He did a great job playing a lot of deep cuts geared toward your need for speed.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-61

The Rolling Sculpture Car Show is a gem and a marvelous way to spend an evening in downtown Ann Arbor with friends and family. Be sure to check out more photos of the cars from the show in our gallery.

Rolling Sculpture 2017-51

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  1. Amazing photos. The cars are so beautiful!


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