Nina and the Buffalo Riders EP

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Nina and The Buffalo Riders craft invigorating rock music with the soulful beating heart of blues on their debut release.


Nina and the Buffalo Riders

We stumbled up on Nina and the Buffalo Riders almost a year ago at HopCat in Detroit when they opened for the Steepwater Band. They were outstanding. When I heard they had released an EP, I had to get it. It has been out for a while now and I realized that I should be writing a review to share my thoughts on this great music.


Listening to the Music

The tragedy in this initial release from Nina and The Buffalo Riders is that there are only 5 songs. The beauty of this release is that each song is marvelous. This six-piece band from Detroit, Michigan reinvents rock that feels vital to the salvation of your soul. Each song courses with the love of the music being made by each member of the band.

The album opens up with the sensuous song called “City”. A.J Jezewski (drums) and Ramiro Romero (bass) work the floating groove that immediately puts a swing inside your body and a squint of pleasure in your eye. Nina Ledesma’s voice is intoxicating with pleasant grit, which reminds you of Susan Tedesch, Melissa Ethridge and Janis Joplin all rolled into one.

Nina and the Buffalo Riders @ Token Lounge 30-Oct-2015
Nina and the Buffalo Riders @ Token Lounge 30-Oct-2015

There is a heavy nod to southern rock on “Madness”. Beyond the wonderful song arrangement, the guitar playing will give you the chills. Fans of the Allman Brothers, Warren Haynes, and Tedeschi-Trucks will find plenty to love in the richly textured chords and sweetly singing blues lines of guitarists Adam Enriquez and Ryan Meadows.

Nina and the Buffalo Riders @ Token Lounge 30-Oct-2015

You know that you have found something special when a song makes the hairs on your arm stand up. “Don’t Call Me a Liar” is that special song on this release. The emotional quotient is amplified by the underlying beat and the subtle keyboards of Mike Fritz. Again on this song you will find a gem of a guitar solo that captures heartache with its lovely phrasing.

“Cool Me Down” is a warm smile on a summer’s evening in the arms of the one you love. It is impossible to feel bad listening to this uplifting song. The delicate guitars and tranquil bass lines passionately build as Nina’s voice pulls you in and holds you tight. The short piano solo is exquisite and simmers within this outstanding song. The climatic guitar solo at the end rides a tidal wave of drums and tasty bass.

Nina and the Buffalo Riders @ Token Lounge 30-Oct-2015

Nina and the Buffalo Riders close out their EP with “Buffalo Blues”. Kicking off with a tangy banjo intro this barnburner rolls with whiskey soaked dobro slide guitar and foot stomping beat. This song is a festival for the ears and a rollicking number to wrap up an outstanding album. Get this fabulous album and it will never leave your side.

Nina and the Buffalo Riders @ Token Lounge 30-Oct-2015

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  1. Love the post, love this band. I discovered Nina doing a solo act at the Rockery in Wyandotte, she gave me her card, said she played in a band called the Buffalo Riders, I’ve been following her ever since. Great seeing a young band like this playing so well and writing their own music, Life is good.


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