Motawi Tile Christmas Haul

by | Dec 8, 2013 | Michigan

On Saturday, Chuck and I joined hundreds of other Motawi Tile enthustists for the Tile Overrun Sale Event. If you love Motawi tiles, this event is for you. The event includes demonstrations, raffle drawings, prizes, popcorn, hot chocolate and coffee. Plus everyone received a 25% off coupon to use on Saturday, which was my primary motivation for going. I really love the Charley Harper series and wanted the “Cool Cardinal” tile.

Motawi - Snowy Cardinal - Brenda's fav

Our Motawi Christmas Haul

We couldn’t leave with just one tile and purchased four Motawi tiles!

Motawi Christmas haul

The Event

Nawal Motawi greeted us at the door. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! She explained how the event worked, answered questions and gave us a map of the studio. Since our mission was to purchase a “Cool Cardinal” tile, we did not look at the tables with the seconds — tiles with imperfections. We toured the “Vault” which had a few one-of-a-kind tiles and discontinued tiles for sale but our tile box was full. Chuck really liked the Riverscape prototype tile that was for sale but we left it at the studio.

Motawi Riverscape tile

Nawal Motawi Interview

Visiting Motawi Tileworks

You can visit the Motawi Tileworks studio Monday – Saturday. It is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I learned on Saturday that you can take a previously purchased tile to the studio and they will frame it for you. Good to know! This includes inserting Motawi Tiles into clocks or lamps they have for sale.

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