The Monumental Marathon Step by Step

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Indianapolis, Indiana is home to the Monumental Marathon. On November 2, 2013, Chuck and I ran this race with our good friend, Jeff Deeds. Angie Day came along to cheer us on.

This was Jeff’s first marathon. He was fretting before the race about every DETAIL. I rather enjoyed participating in his pre-race jitters. He checked the weather hourly, made a list of foods he needed to eat prior to the race, and fussed about which clothes to wear. I figured if it didn’t rain, it was all good. I hate running in the rain.

Pre-Race Jitters

Perhaps it was the Starbucks coffee or sugary scone, but Chuck was definitely wired prior the race. He also drank 16 ounces of beet juice. I wanted to attach a note to his shirt that read, “if you find this man puking blood, kick his ass for me! It is only beet juice and I told him it was a bad idea.”

Racing essentials

I opted for coffee and a Clif Bar.

Chuck also likes to embarrass me with his warm-ups. This wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t wearing a kilt. I’m so afraid he’ll be arrested for indecent exposure during these exhibitions.

Chuck doing his crazy warm-up for the half-marathon

The Race Begins

And we are off!!!

The first few miles of the race weave you through Indianapolis, past the monuments and Lucas Stadium. Since I’m a good Lion’s fan, I shook my fist as I raced by. (Sorry for the slightly out-of-focus picture, I was trying to run and take pictures at the same time. I promise the pictures get better.) It was at mile 3 that I was wondering how in the hell am I going to keep myself sane for the next 23.2 miles?

Monumental Step-by-Step Documentary

A disclaimer: Thank you to my wonderful Facebook friends for not “unfriending” during this race.

At mile 4 I took my first selfie and posted it to Facebook, I posted “Yep 4 miles done 22 to go.”

Mile 4 down, 22 to go!

Porta-John Woes

I drank a bunch of coffee and water a couple of hours ago, so peeing was paramount in my mind at this point. You’d think the race organizers would know that almost all the runners would need to pee at this point in the race. I sent them an angry Twitter post about the line and a post to my Facebook friends.

Portajohn lines cutting into Brenda's time

I complained to Carol, another runner about the portajohn line. I don’t know Carol’s age, but I’m guessing she is a few years older than me. She has run a marathon in all 50 states, 4 times! Do the math. She said, “Never wait in line for the porta-john, pee behind a bush girl! You’ll learn!” Thank you Carol! I will think of you and never wait again. ๐Ÿ™‚


Do I gut-it-out and run the full? Or feel good and run the half?

Decisions..or go 13.1??

Decisions...go for 26.2???

These decisions are difficult. I ran the full.

Fun after the 1/2 marathoners leave

The 1/2 marathoners split off from us around mile 8. I took another selfie and posted it to Facebook. I’m sure all my friends were groaning, but I didn’t care and said, “Can’t do math now but I think there is a lot to go need to find pacer.” Math is a bitch after I’ve been running for a while.

Mile 8 down, 18 to go!!

I felt really bad about the traffic jams. Yikes. It was backed up for miles.


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Yes this guy was really handing PBR to the runners.

Pabst, the ultimate marathon fuel!

Marathon Chicken

This was Marilynn the Marathon Chicken.

Marathon Chicken!!!

Yes if I didn’t take so many pictures my time would have improved, but really at the end of the day who else has a picture of Marilynn the Marathon Chicken?

Halfway Point

We are only halfway done with this post and the marathon! It sucks doesn’t it? Keep reading.

Half way home

At mile 13.1 you realize are only 1/2 halfway and 2. You are on your way home. Running a marathon is a psychological mind game. Hence the multiple posts to my Facebook account. I can’t clearly remember what happened between the 13 and the 16 mile marker. I probably tried to make friends with other runners, messed with my Pandora account and wished that I was done.

Sweet Sixteen

I’m not as happy, but I’m still willing to post these pictures. This picture included this message to my Facebook fans “10 more or 2 more hours hang in there FB friends I’ll be done soon.” I’m sure many were thinking really Brenda! We know you are running a marathon today. Enough!” I didn’t care. I continued to plague them with posts from the race.

Between 16 and 20

There were lots of musicians performing during the race. Notice that the singer’s shirt… “Running Sucks” it doesn’t but right now it kinda did ๐Ÿ™‚

The Running Sucks band

At this point you feel like crap, but it is the spectators shouting encouraging words that make it possible. Hearing my name over and over again, “You look Great Brenda!” what an ego booster… I knew full well that I didn’t look great, but keep shouting it baby!

Great sign!

Mile 20

Hell, just a 10k to go!

This should be a good sign right? I posted to my FB friends “only 6 miles to go.” You think YEAH but then you realize that is another hour of running.

Jeff Finishes

This was Jeff’s first Marathon. I wasn’t there to finish it with him. Sad.

Jeff bring it home!!

Mile 24

While he was finishing I was at mile 24. And posting to my FB friends…No we are not done yet, 2.2 miles to go.

Only 2.2!!!

Meridian is the longest mile. Holy crap this is really the hardest stretch of the whole race.

Long stretch home

Almost Done

Me and the traffic guy are doing a dance. LOL…

Its time for the happy dance!

26 Miles

There are no words to express what this feels like. My phone died so the Facebook posts stopped.

Seriously... only POINT 2 to go?? ! :)


I finished! Thank you friends and family and Facebook. We made a great team. Glad to be done!

Now it is time to celebrate aka drink beer. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have more pictures in our gallery.


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