Michigan Rattlers at Sonic Lunch

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With an intoxicating bite of sweet Americana, the Michigan Rattlers charmed the crowd at Sonic Lunch in Ann Arbor.

Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch

Michigan Rattlers

The Michigan Rattlers are Graham Young (vocal/guitar) and Adam Reed (vocal/bass). This duo met as kids in Petoskey, Michigan and reunited as a band in the wild west of Los Angeles. The California sunshine hasn’t faded the Michigan heart that beats within their music.

Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch
Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch

Their music is a thing of beauty. The rich roots of the American singer-songwriter tradition echo with each chord. The pounce of the upright bass adds the country swing that makes their music resonate deep within your bones. Being able to see this band as part of the Sonic Lunch series is a gift.

Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch
Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch

Sonic Lunch

For those who may be new, Bank of Ann Arbor’s Sonic Lunch is a tasty lunch time musical treat on Thursday’s from June to August at Liberty Plaza in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor’s 107 One hosts the show, which features a mix of local and national artists covering a wide range of musical genres. To make sure you don’t go hungry, Sonic Lunch partner up with local vendors to offer up some delicious food.

Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch

A sizable crowd was on hand to hear poetry set to music by the Michigan Rattlers. They played a few tunes off their self-titled EP including “Illinois Sky” and my favorite “Brutus Road”. Despite the beautiful midday sun, I could imagine a jet-black sky struck with stars as I heard the lyrics “and the stars ain’t like I remember them, out Brutus Road in northwest Michigan. Well, the sky’s a special kind of black. Yeah, I wish that I was back there again.”

Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch
Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch

The Michigan Rattlers played an outstanding cover of John Prine’s “Pretty Good” giving this tune a kick in the pants. The song “Evergreen” highlighted the deceiving sound of the band. There is a hidden wisdom and depth to their music. The simple constructs allow you to soak in warm vocals and captivating lyrics.

Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch

Sadly, Sonic Lunch is over before you know it. This fabulous musical reprieve allowed us to escape the stall office air and breathe in the sunshine. The Michigan Rattlers were an ideal way to enjoy a break from the office space and feel the power of honest music coursing through your veins. Stop by the gallery for more pictures  of the Michigan Rattlers at Sonic Lunch.

Michigan Rattlers @ Sonic Lunch

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