Michigan Company creates the best Pizza Crust Mix

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Michigan’s Easy Artisan Bread sells the best pizza crust mix! And it is super easy to make.

Who wants a Michigan Pizza Pie?

Easy Artisan Bread is a Michigan company located in Tecumseh. They support local growers and millers whenever possible — my kind of company.

Easy Artisan Multigran Flatbread & Pizza Crust Mix

Super Easy to Make

One Bowl, One spatula, One Minute

It really is that easy. If you are like me, planning meals ahead of time rarely happens. I often arrive home after working all day and use whatever is in the kitchen to make dinner. Making my own pizza crust sounds like too much work and I have three hungry men living in my house. Waiting a couple hours for the dough to rise is OUT OF THE QUESTION. The folks at Easy Artisan Bread have made it possible for my family to enjoy nutritious, homemade pizza in less then 30 minutes.That is almost fast food! (Well the nutritious part isn’t fast food.)

The company’s mission is to make delicious, nutritious bread convenient. I’d say they are succeeding.

Vegan Pizza Crust

Hey vegans this pizza crust mix has no eggs or milk! Yeah! If you are an omnivore, don’t worry you’ll still like it. You can add cheese to the mix if you want. I added some thyme and oregano to jazz it up.

GMO Free

You’ll never miss the GMOs I promise. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about the NON GMO Project website has a ton of information on GMOs. There is a hot political debate between me and my boys about GMOs so I won’t get on my soapbox right now. My kitchen is as GMO free as I can make it. They’ll thank me for it some day.

NO Added Fats, Sugar or Preservatives

The good people at Artisan Bread skip adding the chemicals and additives! Thank you. I’d prefer to avoid if possible. There are no extenders, dough conditioners, flavor enhancers, mold inhibitors or phony fibers in their mixes. I had no idea these were added to bread and pizza crust mixes. YUCK!

Where do find Easy Artisan Pizza Crust Mix?

You can order online for $4.00 a package that makes two pizza crusts. I have found it at Whole Foods and the People’s Food Co-Op in Ann Arbor too. Easy Artisan Bread is also on Facebook show them Michigan Love and like their page!

A Michigan-made Pizza (Vegan too)

sticky fingers

Prepping the crust 2

Brenda working the dough

Vegan Toppings for the Michigan Made Pizza

Ready for the Oven

Yum Michigan Made Pizza

Michigan Made Pizza Ready to Eat

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