Manchester Community Fundraiser

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Manchester, Mich. — On May 30, 2014, the small, farming community of Manchester, Michigan gathered for a community fundraiser to share their love and support for Craig Little who suffered a stroke in February. The Manchester community has taken care of its own since 1867. On May 30, it was no different.

Rallying Cry

Craig Little Fundraiser

Long History

The Manchester community has rallied to support its own for nearly 150 years. My family first experienced the support of the Manchester community almost 120 years ago, when my Great Grandparents, William and Christina Sodt both died in their twenties leaving behind 4 children. The Keobbe Family took on my grandfather Reuben and his brother George Sodt. The theme remains the same today: community, love, support.

Many Hands Make a Fantastic Dinner

Yes, it was a fantastic dinner Jean Roberts! Over 500 community members gathered for a pasta dinner at the Sharon United Method Church Hall.

Craig Little Fundraiser
Craig Little Fundraiser

Comments from Facebook

“What a great success last night all because of the wonderful people in this town, I am so proud of living here.”


“I feel so blessed to be a part of the successful, love filled day that a handful of people had worked so hard on, for so long to make everything perfect for Craig and Jan Little and their families. I am proud to say that I am a Manchester graduate that witnessed first hand how a community comes together to help one of their ownthank you to everyone that made yesterday a huge success!!!!!”


“We want to thank everyone for making the benefit a huge success and showing your love for the Little family.”


There were many people who volunteered their time and donated food to make this event a success, but I need to give a shout-out to a few people who went the extra mile.

Melissa Hamilton Revil

Craig Little Fundraiser

Jill Golding Coval

Craig Little Fundraiser

Stephanie Alexander Beuerle


Craig Little Fundraiser

(Steph is the beautiful lady in the middle.)

Continued Support

If you’d like to help the Little Family, please email Jan directly. Leave me a comment if you need her contact information.

Fundraiser Photos

We’ve got many more photos in our gallery.

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