Looking for my lost classmates! Found one in the middle of Lake Erie

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Michigan

The reunion for the Manchester High School (MHS) class of 1984 is July 19, 2014. This is my high school class reunion (yes it will be 30 years!) and I have found myself searching for my lost classmates. I would like to find all of my classmates and if possible invite them to the reunion. Luckily I only have 83 other classmates to find. It was a small class.

1984 MHS Classmate Search

I found one of my MHS classmates in Lake Erie!

Captain James Stengel was in Lake Erie on the “Edgar B Speer“. He posted this picture with the following “2 minutes ago Downbound Detroit 2 pm, this is the western basin of Lake Erie.”


More Photos

Pretty damn cool if you ask me. I am grateful that Jim is my friend and that he shares these photos on Facebook. You can friend either of us of on Facebook and I’m sure we’d probably accept your request but just FYI my photos are not nearly as exciting as Jims! AND if you are on the sex affenders list, I won’t accept your friend request 🙂


Inbound beautiful Gary, In USX Works

1014301_10151428654686436_1663863379_n 2

Beautiful day at work!

402067_10150417036941436_1985897239_n 2

Upbound Detroit River 12-18-11


Osprey Lt 14 St Marys River




Upbound Amherstburg Channel Lower Detroit River


Close call!


Captain James Stengel! I hope to see you at the class reunion. Please let invite others to the reunion on July 19, 2014.

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