Little Sable Point Lighthouse in Mears Michigan

by | Apr 6, 2018 | History, Travel

Standing tall on Lake Michigan’s shore is Little Sable Point Lighthouse and it is a beauty. We caught the lighthouse bug last summer during our romp about Michigan. It is highly contagious. After you tour one, you’ll find yourself scanning the beach for the familiar beacon.  

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Little Sable Point Lighthouse 

Not only is the Little Sable Point Lighthouse beautiful, it is on one of the best swimming beaches in the State of Michigan. Bring your swimsuit and sunglasses! Tours are provided by the Sable Points Light Keepers Association (SPLKA) between May and September. 

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Lighthouse Tour

The volunteers from SPLKA collect your climbing fee for the 130 steps to the top where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views. 

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Michigan Historical Site

For nearly 150 years, the Little Sable Point Lighthouse has towered over 100 feet above the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. Its long history has earned it the right to a Michigan Historical Marker.If you are a history nut, you’ll love the Michigan History Center’s site. It has a search function to find a marker. You can search by location or by a theme, such as Lighthouses, or mining or Civil War. 

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Michigan Lighthouses

Did you know Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state? Now I bet you are wondering, how many and where are they? “More than 240 lighthouses once guarded Michigan’s shores; today only about 124 of these iconic beacons remain.”  Michigan State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) has created a free map which you can easily download.

Save Our Lights

Have you caught the lighthouse bug too and want to help preserve one of Michigan’s treasures. Michigan has a lighthouse preservation program called “Save Our Lights” and it is easy to participate. 

Michigan began issuing specialty license plates in April of 2001 to raise money for several state-supported causes.Your purchase of a lighthouse license plate helps provide the revenue needed to ensure that Michigan’s lighthouses will have a bright future.

More Photos

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