Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

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We took some friends over to Ogma Brewing to experience the beers and food while enjoying the music of Linen Ray.

Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

Our friends at Ogma Brewing continue to kick ass and take names. Now that they’ve got their beer and food games at grandmaster level, they are kicking off their music offerings with the folk-rock band Linen Ray from Nashville.

We arrived at Ogma with our friends Doug, Brenda, Bob, and Vicky a good hour and a half before Linen Ray began playing, and the place was nearly full. Thankfully Andrew (Ogma co-owner) spotted a table opening up, and we were able to share it with a couple of other patrons. We ordered up some stellar beers and food before the show.

I read a great interview recently on the Stratton Setlist with Linen Ray about their new album On The Mend. The folk-rock duo is Rebekah Craft on vocals and guitar and her husband Gabriel Craft handling drums and backing vocals. In the interview, I learned that the couple is originally from Michigan and had moved from Ypsilanti to Nashville in 2018 to expand their reach in the music industry.

The last name of Craft should have been a clue, but I didn’t realize until we arrived and talked with Troy (Ogma co-owner/brewer) that Gabriel is his brother. Apparently, Gab had helped out with getting Ogma ready for prime time. It was a homecoming of sorts having Linen Ray make a stop on their tour to celebrate the beginning of live music at Ogma. Joining Rebekah and Gab on stage to round out the sound are Michael Harrington (pedal steel guitar, lead guitar) and Joe Fee (bass)

Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing
Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

National Yodeling Day

I’m not sure if National Yodeling Day is a thing, but it happened that we were in Switzerland on this date six years ago, and I did a little yodeling in the mountains. Since that memory keeps popping up on Facebook, I do a yearly rendition. This year, I looped in Troy with Kevin (co-owner of Ogma and yet another Craft brother) for another edition of National Yodeling Day just before the real music started.

The Music of Linen Ray

In her interview and review of Linen Ray’s On The Mend, Lori Stratton mentions hearing the Laurel Canyon influences of 70’s folk rock, which is spot on. There is definitely a strong 70’s vibe in Rebekah’s vocals, as well as the overall songwriting style of Linen Ray. I also thought of Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray, and Linda Ronstadt. The music of Linen Ray is powerful in its deep warmth and vibrant beauty. Their originals have an air of familiarity that invites the listener to experience a welcome phrase in a brand new way.

Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing
Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

Linen Ray played a mix of their original music and a few superb covers. I loved their cover of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” I’ve always been fond of that song, and Linen Ray makes it that much sweeter. Their cover of “The Story” by Brandi Carlile was fantastic. Shout out to Michael Harrington, as his steel guitar playing is brilliant. The touches he adds to the music make it sparkle. Let’s not forget Joe Fee, whose bass gelled perfectly with Gab’s subtle drums.

Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing
Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

Ogma Beer Garden and More Music

Talking with Andrew Volk, he mentioned Ogma plans to have live music at least three times a month. This definitely fits well into their goal to make Ogma a community space. Their only constraint is space, as the window “stage” is limited to a four-piece band. However, there is no limit to the genres of music that Ogma wants to showcase. From singer/songwriter to funk as well as metal and punk, they plan to explore it all.

To allow for bigger bands and more space for folks to enjoy the delicious food and beer, Ogma is in the works to create a beer garden in the vacant lot next to their building. There is much to do with approvals, but this will be a killer addition for them. Ogma would like an outdoor stage to provide more space for the bands and fans to enjoy the music.

Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

When you tally up all Ogma has going on along with their friendly brewery neighbors of Grand River Brewing, Ironbark Brewing, and 127 Brewing, Jackson is becoming a destination for great food, beer, and music. Be sure to make Jackson part of your next beer adventure. If you need a guide, just give me a shout.


There are a few more photos of Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing in our gallery.

Linen Ray at Ogma Brewing

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