Hogback Mountain Hike

by | Oct 14, 2012 | Hiking

Not to be confused with Hogwort. Hogback Mountain is one of the peaks in the Huron Mountain Range in Michigan.

Did you know the Huron Mountains are one of the oldest range of mountains in North American and at one time were as tall as the Rockies? Well I didn’t know this either. (There is a chance Chuck made this up.) It is also one of the largest range of mountains in Michigan. This I could document.

Hogback Mountain trail offers a great hike. Hogback is located in Marquette County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP). The trail is a little rugged at times and has an easy rock scramble.  The view of Lake Superior is pretty amazing.

Finding the trail head

It is about 5 miles north of Marquette on County Road 550. There are two trails.  We hiked from the trail head at the Wetmore Pond parking area.

Hogback Mountain Hike Trail Head

Rugged trail

Hogback Mountain Hike rugged trail

Steep climb through the trees

Hogback Mountain Hike Brenda Sodt Foster

Rock Scramble

I’d like to point-out that I’m not 21 anymore and climbing a rockface is not as easy as it use to be.


Hogback Mountain Hike rock scramble

View of Lake Superior

It was worth the effort for the view of Lake Superior to the north.  To the south you have a beautiful Michigan forest.

The clouds were hanging low over Lake Superior in the background.  Harlow Lake is in the foreground.

Hogback Mountain Hike view of Lake Superior and Harlow Lake in the for ground


Hogback Mountain Hike Chuck Marshall to the south

Hogback Mountain Hike view of Lake Superior

Thanks for joining me for the Hogback Mountain Hike

Hogback Mountain Hike Brenda Sodt Foster

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