Feelgood Tap – Giving One Glass at a Time

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Beer, Michigan

We checked out a fundraiser for the Feelgood Tap to allow breweries around the state to pool their charitable resources and fuel them with beer.

Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-5

Feelgood Tap – Birth at Batch

The Feelgood tap started out as rotating tap at Batch Brewing shortly after they opened their doors in 2015. The crew at Batch figured they could run a profitable business and give back to the community by donating $2 from a particular tap at the brewery. Charities rotate each month along with the beer.

Feelgood batchbrewing-1

Stephen Roginson (founder, head brewer, and overall cool guy) was making the rounds at the Winter Beer fest to promote the launch of the Feelgood Tap as a stand alone non-profit. This would allow breweries across the state to pool their resources and make an exponential impact toward local charities.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest - Usual Suspects - 2015 -9


To get things kicked off and help the Feelgood Tap non-profit get up on its feet, there was a fundraiser held at Constant Velocity in Hamtramck. It was a fun way to meet some of the people involved, have a beer, and hang out in a cool space. Food was provided by Rock N Roll + Caviar with tunes from DJ Amy Dreamcatcher of Nothing Elegant.

Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-21
Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-6
Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-7

We had a good time at the Feelgood Tap fundraiser and we look forward to more good things to come with this enterprise.

Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-17
Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-18
Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-11
Feelgood Tap - Fundraiser - 2016-9

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