Don’t Fear the Vegan

I just stumbled upon another vegan blogger’s site and just had to share!


Don't Fear the Vegan

Fear The Vegan! – Great quote from site:

Have you ever put all your energy into creating something in the kitchen for others only to have them turn their nose up the instant they find out it’s vegan?

Yes I have! I have several friends that won’t even invite us to dinner because they don’t know what they would feed us. Seriously! I’m sure my non-vegan friends don’t have any of the ingredients listed on the DFV Must Have Ingredients page but they could make vegetarian chili.

Don’t Fear the Vegan also has a Shout Out page that lists many great vegan websites that were new to me.  A recent post “Hosting a Vegan Kids’ Slumber Party for Non-Vegan Guest” offers great advise for hosting a slumber party for girls. And yes they served vegan food and their party goers went back for seconds!

Thanks DeRobertis Family for making my day! I’m looking forward to reading your posts on a regular basis. I’ve already signed up to receive your posts directly to my email!


  1. Thank you for the kind words and for sharing our blog. We are so glad you have enjoyed it. Now Life in Michigan will be part of our Shout Out page for others to find! XO

  2. Steffi your blog still has me chuckling. Thanks for listing us on your Shout Out Page. Have you watched the Sweetest Vegan’s videos on YouTube? I love her format. She does a great job creating converting traditional non-vegan dishes into yummy vegan dishes.

  3. The trick is NOT to tell people it’s vegan until AFTER they’ve tasted whatever it is you make. (Also having it smothered in dark (vegan) chocolate helps tremendously!)

    If you say the “V” word first, it’s a sure turnoff. Something psychological about pre-conceived notions and all that. Let the food speak for itself, you just sit back and watch the amazed look on faces.

    • You are so right Vegas Vegan! I served vegan enchiladas at a family Christmas party and no one suspected a thing until someone asked for the recipe. The look of shock was PRICELESS! Snobby Joes is another hit for non-vegan guests. I just made vegan Shepards Pie and the smell alone had co-workers asking for the recipe.


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