Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2015

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The Detroit Urban Craft Fair showcases over 100 artists selling fantastic Michigan made products at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-5

Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2015 edition

I’m not sure if its possible, but the Detroit Urban Craft Fair was even better than last year. That is saying something as we were floored with the variety and just plain cool stuff around every corner at last year’s fair. It could have been the fact that DJ Dave was spinning joyous tunes.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-130

It could have been that our friends from the Lunch Room were dishing up their fantastic food for those who worked up an appetite shopping.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-50

Maybe it was the fact that the place had only opened up an hour before and it was PACKED with happy folks filled with the holiday spirit (or perhaps freaking out at all the options available). In any case, the Detroit Urban Craft Fair was running hard and we were happy to be there to take it all in and do a bit of shopping too.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-77

I know some of you may be thinking, “damn, I missed it!”. Have no fear friends. Nearly every vendor at the fair has a website where you can browse their work and make a purchase. We have links below of some of the ones we enjoyed and you can find a complete vendor list at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair site.

Thank You Handmade Detroit and their Sponsors

A big show like the Detroit Urban Craft Fair doesn’t just come together on its own. Handmade Detroit puts together the Detroit Urban Craft Fair with the help of a bunch of volunteers and some cool sponsors.

Detroit GT is an apparel company who specializes in promoting Detroit. They do so with style and plenty of attitude. Just what you would expect from Detroit.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-27

ZIPR is a new magazine focused on the art scene in Southeaster Michigan with a focus on Detroit. This bright and bold publication is actually available in print. Yes, you read that right, PRINT! This is definitely worth a read.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-30

Essential Screen Printing can handle all your screen printing needs. Life In Michigan recently worked with ESP to print our limited edition posters for the upcoming GIG: The Art of Michigan Music art exhibit at the Ann Arbor Art Center. These guys are rock solid and great to work with.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-31

The Crofoot in Pontiac is keeping the music alive with a diverse line-up of shows including many Michigan artists. I’ve been to a few shows there, and it’s a great space to get up close and personal with the artists.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-32

Detroit Manufacturing had some very cool seatbelt style belts at the booth. They are big supporters of the arts in Detroit and contributors as well through their various apparel lines. You can catch them down in Eastern Market in Shed 4.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-33

Fun new stuff

These may not be new to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, but there were new to us. This is a prime example of why these fairs are so cool. You get to see a wealth of great talent and pick up some cool stuff that is made right here in Michigan.

Re-Zip It makes all kinds of things out of zippers. Yep, I said zippers. Their work was very creative.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-3

Shop On Happy puts a smile on your face with amazing woodworking products. The lower Michigan shaped cutting boards are outstanding.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-84

Mammoth Designs make whimsical and lovely stuffed animals and psychedelic trees. Perfect for kids of all ages.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-57

ClayLab Detroit makes some very cool pottery. The most fun pieces use those cheesy little gifts you get in a Cracker Jack box within the various cups, bowls, and pendents that they make.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-34

Dirty Ass Soaps not only have the best name for a company, but make some hilariously themed soap products such as Breaking Bath and Teeth Soap. All soups are vegan.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-43

Arsenal Handicraft creates wonderful prints that capture the eye and imagination. Just look at how cool this image is!

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-39

AusGerCo Paper Action Figures are the crafters of paper action figures. These are remarkable figures spring to life from the pages of comic books and movies in a wild variety of themes.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-69

Grayling Ceramics are from Kalamazoo and when I noticed that fact I asked the fella at the their table, “Hey, have you been to One Well?” One Well being the outstanding brewery in Kalamazoo. He mentioned that they actually sell their wares at the brewery. I thought they would fit right in as the mugs and growlers would be a big hit there. Clean designs that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-72

Mutual Adoration are the makers of superb frames, furniture and housewares made from salvaged wood. There is something about the look and feel of items made of wood that strikes a chord with us. These items are inspiring.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-65

Chuppy Love fabricate adorable little crocheted buddies. Not sure if buddies is the right term. They are just ridiculously cute and when you see one you want to hold it.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-128

Deets are these creatures made from various parts and pieces. The one I fell in love with are the tiny robots made from an old vacuum tube. I couldn’t resist and ended up getting one for my desk at home. He’s watching me as I work on this post.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-96

Mitten Made was another creative vendor in a sea of creativity at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair that we pulled the trigger with and made a purchase. Brenda loved the finely knit hats and now has a stylish winter hat that is also warm and comfortable.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-108

Cheryl Oz Design designs paper products and prints that have a nostalgic feel for those of us in our 50’s. With prints featuring Faygo, Fisher Price Little People, and beer, how can you go wrong. We picked up some Faygo inspired Christmas cards.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-122

La Vie en Orange make underwear. But (no pun intended) this isn’t just your average skibbies. These are bright, funky, and fun underpants that add spice to life. There is no need to fret about sizing as they will gladly custom tailor your selection to fit you just the way you like.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-59

Returning friends

In our past visits to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair and the DIYpsi craft fairs, we run across these great artists. They are always worth another look as they are constantly creating new and intriguing items.

Cool Critters are the creators of some very unusual and strangely appealing creatures. They are almost so ugly they are cute.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-93

Gingerly Made (Leslie Gauthier) makes these captivating paintings on a variety of surfaces. The subject matter is typically a little left of center and weirdly fun. At last summer’s DIYpsi fair, I picked up a little painting of a T-Rex. I love that little painting.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-11

Paintings by Jason Gibner are just plain fun. They remind me of comics when I was a kid. The subject matter is typically humorous and has a bit of Mystery Science Theater vibe. His Star Wars series of paintings are outstanding. I have the Happy Hot Dog at work which I take to meetings, just to add a bit of insanity everywhere I go.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-23

TAIT Design Co creates these wonderful balsam wood airplanes. Those were a highlight of my childhood and these handmade beauties are the best.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-43

Outer Spaceways Apparel is in your face and full of sassy attitude. From handbags to t-shirts you can find something that is functional while making a statement.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-22

Bettula designs beautiful jewelry from birch bark. The birch is a lovely tree and using the bark to make jewelry is an outstanding idea. I bought Brenda some of their earrings for Christmas last year.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - 2015-80

We’ve only scratched the surface of all the great arts and crafts you can find at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Drop by the gallery to see more pictures of all the great artists at the fair.

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