Dark Horse 4 Elf Party 2021

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Like everything else, COVID canceled the Dark Horse’s 2020 4 Elf Party. It was back in 2021 with prize money for the 4 Elf Costume Contests and new beers and many of the old ones. 

4 Elf Party 2021

4 Elf Party 2021

Go Dad (Marshall, Michigan’s premier tax service) warned us during our ride from the hotel the wind had knocked out power lines. There were rumors the 4 Elf party 2021 would be canceled. “BUT,” he said, “the power was back on.”  He did a quick check to be sure we had cash because if the power was out they won’t be able to take credit. You know that is the thing about local services, they are always thinking about their customers. We assured him we had cash. 

The “Horse” looked dark when we rolled up to the door. The security guard said, “No power.” A sign on the door said, Power Out! There was a throng of people milling inside the door. There was a low hum of worry hanging in the air. This was not a good sign. 

Like an angel, Emily emerged from behind the bar and scooped us up into a bear hug, This was shocking because she is a little might of a person. Breathlessly she explained she was on her way out to fetch a generator. “Do not worry the party would go on!” She waved us towards the bar to get wristbands. Now that was a good sign. 

Then we learned the shoe tree had split in half. It was an omen someone said. Another sign! But of what? Good Lord, I can’t take any more signs. Can we just drink some good beer, listen to live music, dance, and forget about COVID and this crazy world we live in for a few hours? So we did exactly that! And it was exactly what we needed. 

Hours later after we shared stores of the 4 Elf parties past, used all our drink tickets, and danced like we thought no one was watching I figured it out. Yes, perhaps it was the beer talking. I decoded the signs and omen: Sometimes things just need to break apart for something stronger to emerge. 

4 Elf Party 2021 Music

When you look back at 4 Elf’s past, on top of great people, great beer, and weird food, I think of music. Without fail, Dark Horse always delivers top-notch music. I still remember being in heaven seeing The Muggs, Tosspints, Battle Axe, Risky Brenda, Chirp, Bonehawk, Fat Animals, and Plague Years at various Dark Horse events. This year’s 4 Elf continues the tradition of knocking you out of your socks’ with music. Go grab a crooked tree and let’s recap these delicious jams from 4 Elf Party 2021.

4 Elf Party 2021 - Music


For you metalheads, no this is not the infamous death metal legends Incantation. This is an intriguing noir Americana duo called Incantations (plural). The power had just been restored and Incantations took to the stage to entertain the early partygoers at 4 Elf.

4 Elf Party 2021 - Incantations
4 Elf Party 2021 - Incantations

The duo featured acoustic and electric guitars playing a blend of country and Americana. I felt they had a Lucinda Williams meets Chris Isaak vibe. I thought of my friends in the Whiskey Charmers as well. The Incantations music whisks you into dreams of desert plains and roads stretching out to the horizon. Their music pairs very well with Dark Horse’s Santeria pilsner; light and refreshing.

The Orbitsuns

Making a return visit to Dark Horse, but a first for 4 Elf is The Orbitsuns. In case you are new to the Orbitsuns, they are Vinnie Dombroski (vocals/guitar), Bob Hecker (bass), Jimmy Paluzzi (drums), Liz Fornal (vocals), and Jeremy “Leroy” Biltz (guitar). 

4 Elf Party 2021 - The Orbitsuns
4 Elf Party 2021 - The Orbitsuns

I love the Orbitsuns. I’m sure everyone that got an earful of their rowdy outlaw country became a fan if they weren’t already. The Orbitsuns are pure fun and the perfect way to kick this party into gear.

4 Elf Party 2021 - The Orbitsuns

Before you could say “Go”, the Orbitsuns were off like a moonshine runner tearing through the hills of North Carolina. Blazing down that country road with “Shittier Day Than Me” and “Fuck You and the Horse You Rode In On”, they are pure gold.

4 Elf Party 2021 - The Orbitsuns

I loved the way the Orbitsuns blended their cover of “Midnight Rider” by The Allman Brothers with Sponge’s “Have You Seen Mary”. Not sure why tonight was the first time I noticed this, but it was sweet. Another fine blend is their own “Hard Part of Town” with the Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter”. The groovy grit of each song warms you up like a shot of bourbon.

4 Elf Party 2021 - The Orbitsuns

The Orbitsuns were a fantastic addition to the Dark Horse 4 Elf Party 2021 celebration. Their raucous country is the perfect complement to this outlaw brewery shindig. When paired up with a bourbon barrel Scotty Karate, the Orbitsuns can’t be beaten.


Our first encounter with Starfarm was at the Dark Horse 4Elf party in 2019. When we read they were coming back for the 4 Elf Party 2021 reboot, we put our dancing shoes on. If you are new to Starfarm, they are the Adidas tracksuit-wearing superstars who play all your favorite 80’s/90’s pop. The band features Whitney Spotts (vocals), Dana Mirate (drums), Sean Mirate (keyboards), Dan Malnar (guitar), and new kid on the block Jon Herrmann (bass).

4 Elf Party 2021 - Starfarm
4 Elf Party 2021 - Starfarm

By the time Starfarm hit the stage, the beers were flowing good. Everywhere you looked, there were smiling faces as Starfarm poured some gasoline on this party. We bounced to covers of The Cars “Let’s Go” and the silky smooth “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite.

It takes superb musical talent to pull some of these tunes off, yet for Starfarm it is effortless. They capture the vibrant energy of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and the bubble gum pop of “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany. Doesn’t matter if it’s Prince, Men At Work, or The J Geils Band, Starfarm played them all perfectly.

4 Elf Party 2021 - Starfarm
4 Elf Party 2021 - Starfarm

Starfarm is a ball and made the Dark Horse 4 Elf party 2021 that much more special. Singing and dancing with friends was just the ticket for tonight. Tag team Starfarm and a Big Fig barley wine and you’ve got yourself a hell of a good time.

4 Elf Party 2021 - Starfarm

Stories of 4 Elf Party Past 

We’ve got a bunch of 4 Elf Party stories (like almost a decade of them!): 

I freely admit some of the early years are painful to read as we’ve gotten much better with the blogging gig but it is fun to stroll down memory lane.  


We’ve got a bunch of party pictures in our gallery! Check them out and then let us know what you thought of the party by leaving a comment. Then go share this post on social media because sharing is caring. 

4 Elf Party 2021 - Glass Blowing

4 Elf Party 2021

4 Elf Party 2021

4 Elf Party 2021 - Glass Blowing

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