Cultivate Coffee and Tap House

by | Nov 22, 2015 | Beer, Michigan

There is more to Cultivate than just a nice place to get a great cup of coffee or a tasty Michigan beer.

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Cultivate Coffee and Tap House

We first heard about Cultivate Coffee and Tap House located at 302 N. River St in Ypsilanti from our friend Luke Jackson of Huron Guitars at the tail end of the summer. At that time, they were still doing major renovations and had not yet opened up to the public. We had been keeping an eye out since to see when they would be serving up beer. On 6-Nov-2015 they had 18 of their 36 taps pouring during their Ypsilanti First Friday event, so we headed over.

Cultivate - 2015-2

What a world of difference a few months make. I wish we had taken a few pictures to show the fantastic work that has been put into the former Ted’s Auto Electric building. The front serving area is wide open with hardwood floors and a great looking serving counter and bar area. There is also a big chalk board to keep you informed on all the events scheduled for the month.

Cultivate - 2015-4
Cultivate - 2015-12

The back room has a cool island bar, some picnic tables and a space for live music tucked into the corner. There is also a very cool mural that speaks to the mission of Cultivate Coffee and Tap House.

Cultivate - 2015-19
Cultivate - 2015-21

Craft, Community, Cause

Cultivate Coffee and Tap House is a non-profit entity whose mission is summed up by the slogan; Craft, Community, and Cause. Craft is easily embraced by serving outstanding coffee and a ton of fantastic Michigan beer. Community is achieved through providing space for events and groups. Their cause is feeding those in need. Profits from the sale of coffee and beer go toward food. They also have garden beds out in their beer garden to start growing food on site.

Cultivate - 2015-11
Cultivate - 2015-18

In the First Friday spirit of promoting Ypsilanti businesses and providing community outreach, Cultivate hosted Alex Albanese, who is launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of his American Press. American Press is a novel invention to brew superb coffee without the mess and hassle. Alex chatted about his product and showed some promotional videos. I must say, this looks like a pretty cool way to make coffee.

Cultivate - 2015-9
Cultivate - 2015-10
Cultivate - 2015-22


The evening included some fine solo acoustic music from singer/songwriter Sam Corbin. He has a pleasant voice and his folk styling fit in nicely with the overall vibe of Cultivate Coffe and Tap House. It was a bit hard to hear Sam at times due to crowd noise, but that is really no fault of his. He is a talented musician and worth a good listen.

Cultivate - 2015-23
Cultivate - 2015-25

Cultivate is an excellent addition to Ypsilanti. Whether you need a great cup of coffee during the day or a fine Michigan beer to get the evening started, the folks at Cultivate have you covered.

Cultivate - 2015-13

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