Body’s Guest by Edison Hollow

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Music

Just in time for Halloween, Edison Hollow unveils their dark and moody video for the electrifying new single “Body’s Guest.”


Body’s Guest by Edison Hollow

Edison Hollow, the purveyors in gigawatt blast waves of Detroit rock, are on the prowl this hallows eve with a new tune called “Body’s Guest.” The new single is accompanied by a dark and foreboding video of the band shot at the Eloise Asylum. Cooper Arent and Aaryn Lindow (Edison Hollow – drums) co-directed the piece, with Arent handling the camera work. Dom Lockridge plays the plague doctor. For those new to the band, Edison Hollow is Tyler Chernoff (lead vocals, guitar), Jordon Stockdale (lead guitar, vocals), David Alan Vida (bass, vocals), and Aaryn Lindow.

Inside The Asylum

The setting inside the asylum is perfect. It reflects the darkness and devious mind games insinuated by the song. The video for “Body’s Guest” is shot as a performance piece with the band rocking out as the plague doctor lurks. The new single is high-energy rock with intriguing melodic and rhythmic twists. There are strong vibes that bring to mind the pyrotechnic theatrics of a band like The Darkness with the sly attack of a band like Velvet Revolver.

Edison Hollow continues to deliver outstanding rock music that seeps into your soul with this new single and video. Check out the new video for “Body’s Guest,” and then head to their Facebook page to see when you can catch the band live.





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