Arbor Brewing Co Oktoberfest 2012

Always a good time if you like beer, German food, and polkas.

I joined my friends – Jeff, Steve, Tina, Chuck and Michael – on a beautiful, autumn evening  in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a good laugh, a few beers and some music at Arbor Brewing Co’s Oktoberfest.

Chuck Marshall Arbor Brewing Co Oktoberfest 2012

I know, Chuck doesn’t get out anymore.  Mi-Chart has sucked up his life!

Music by the Rhinelanders

It is time to meet the band, Rhinelanders. They loved having their picture taken.

Rhinelanders Arbor Brewing Co Oktoberfest

Rhinelanders Arbor Brewing Co Oktoberfest


My friend Michael recommends the veggie dogs.

Michael Steer Arbor Brewin Co Oktoberfest

I personally didn’t try the food but Michael said it was good and I can honestly say the beer was excellent.


I didn’t dance either but  the owners of ABC showed us how to polka!

Arbor Brewing Co Dancers Oktoberfest 2012

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