Ann Arbor’s FoolMoon 2013 Event

by | Apr 7, 2013 | Michigan

WonderFool Productions produced its third FoolMoon event on Friday, April 5th, 2013. And I have to say, each year it gets better! The luminary parade was colorful and creative, Theo Katzman delivered on the Fool’s Main stage and the Michigan Beer at Bill’s Beer Garden was delicious.

FoolMoon 2013

FoolMoon2013 Luminary

What is it? A big, beautiful, community party celebrating Spring. Thank you WonderFool Productions for organizing this party. It was a long, Michigan Winter.

The community was invited to create luminaries and join other artists for the luminary processional. The merrymakers made their way to Ashley and Washington Street for the Foolish-Party.

Innovative community groups and area artist spent their long winter hibernations concocting luminous, never before imagined, wondrous entertainments and activities simply to amaze and delight FoolMooners.

Bill’s Beer Garden

We started the evening at Bill’s Beer Garden where Charlie got his “Gnome Face” on.

Foolmoon2013 Chuck Marshall a Real Gnome

The first Oberon of the season was enjoyed!

Bill's Beer Garden First Oberon of the Season

When the first luminary arrived in the garden we knew it was time to join the crowds.

Bill's Beer Barden FoolMoon 2013

Live Music

Theo Katzman (Former My Dear Disco frontman) was on the Fool’s Main Stage.

FoolMoon2013 Theo Katzman

FoolMoon2013 Luminary

The Luminary Parade

FoolMoon2013 Luminary

FoolMoon2013 Luminary

FoolMoon 2013 Luminary

This pretty luminary could dance.


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