Cafe Ollie – Something for Everyone!

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Cafe Ollie – Something for Everyone!

I read about Cafe Ollie over on It sounded like a nice place, but I sort of forgot about it. Then I saw that our Dark Horse Brewing friend, Joanna Hollyday, had liked their Facebook page which got me over to check out the page. This is when I saw they were big supporters of Michigan beer (yes!) and had lots of vegan options on their menu (YES!). Our first visit was actually on Mother’s day with Brenda’s boys for brunch, which was great. We decided we needed to come back for dinner and a beverage, so we may our way over there a couple weeks ago after work.

Cafe Ollie is located in beautiful (and historic!) Depot Town in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Brenda outside Cafe Ollie


When you walk in to Cafe Ollie, you feel like you went back in time. Its like a cool record store (remember School Kids??) and a funky coffee house.

Brenda picking out some food


Stacks of wax at Cafe Ollie


There are some comfy chairs to enjoy a coffee (or hell, even a beer or two).

The comfy chairs for chillin at Cafe Ollie


There is also some fun booths and tables to enjoy a meal.

Gig flyers adorn the walls at Cafe Ollie


If you are looking for great Michigan product, Michigan General Store is located right next door!

Michigan store right next to Cafe Ollie


All right Charlie, hows the food??

Cafe Ollie’s menu really does have it all. Just check out this menu!

A fantastic menu with something for all at Cafe Ollie


There is a really nice selection of Michigan beers.

Nice selection of Michigan Beers at Cafe Ollie


And something I’ve never seen before…BEER SHAKES! I’d almost go back to some dairy to try one of those ๐Ÿ™‚

Super friend and hardworking staff at Cafe Ollie


We started out dinner with a Crooked Tree and a nice Sauvignon Blanc.

Nice beverages at Cafe Ollie


I opted for the Buffalo 66. A tofu wrap with a tangy ranch buffalo sauce. Yep, not a vegan sandwich ๐Ÿ™‚

Buffalo 66 - tofu wrap at Cafe Ollie


Brenda went with the Dimitri. A grilled vegan cheese, avocado, and tomato sandwich on ciabatta with a side of asian slaw (totally vegan approved ๐Ÿ™‚

Dimitri - vegan sandwich with Asian slaw at Cafe Ollie


We both really enjoyed our meals and beverages. Brenda was a happy customer!

Satisfied customer at Cafe Ollie


Cafe Ollie is a great place to hangout and grab some grub. The staff at Cafe Ollie are very friendly and helpful. Be sure to add Cafe Ollie to your dining out options.

Feel free to browse a few more photos from our visit in the gallery.


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