Time To Make The Pickles

We have been blessed with a bountiful harvest of cucumbers and zucchini this year, so it is time to make Pickles! 

Our tiny garden we planted the weekend after Memorial Day is producing more zucchini and cucumbers than we can manage. We’ve started to give it away!


Pickle Time

After much discussion and trolling of Pinterest, we found a dill pickle recipe on MountainMamaCooks.Com. Chuck didn’t want to mess with the canning process. I think he is afraid of it. 🙂 So we needed a recipe for refrigerator pickles. The instructions also needed to be easy, “no muss, no fuss.”  Don’t get Chuck started about a certain blogger who he feels makes the recipes overly complicated. OMG. Anyway, Chuck wanted dill pickles and Mountain Mama’s recipe met all of his prerequisites. Thank goodness!

Pickle Time 2014


We only pickled cucumbers and zucchini, but you could pickle just about anything: carrots, cauliflower, green onions. We didn’t have any mustard seed and used mustard powder instead. Plus, we added celery seed. The recipe is flexible, but just don’t mess with the ratio of water, vinegar and salt.

Pickle Time 2014


Quick to the Internet! We how do we peel garlic? Low and behold! Google knew the answer.

How to peel a head of Garlic in less than 10 seconds. 

I wish I had a video of Chuck shacking the dickens out his garlic. 🙂 By the way, this method works.


This recipe makes 8 quart jars exactly! Chuck was certain that we wouldn’t have enough brine but it was a miracle, we had exactly enough.

Pickle Time 2014

Pickle Time 2014

Pickle Time 2014

Final Product

These pickles will keep in the refrigerator for 3 months, but we ate all 8 jars within a couple weeks.  Delicious!

Pickle Time 2014

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