Stormy Kromer a Cap and Ale House

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A friend said, “There is a buzz in Cheboygan.” I never dreamed the buzz would start in the Stormy Kromer store.  

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Stormy Kromer a Cap & Ale House

The Stormy Kromer a Cap & Ale House is a delightful surprise in Cheboygan, Michigan. As they say, “A frosty head only looks good on a beer!” 

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Where is Cheboygan? 

If you ask a Michigander, “Where is Cheboygan?” They will likely hold up their hand and point to the top of their index finger. We’ve always got a handy map at the ready. Or they could answer it is near the tip of the lower peninsula, about 15 miles south of Mackinaw City, Michigan, on US23. 

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Why were we visiting? 

For dinner at Hack-Ma-Tack, which is about 30 minutes outside of town. It was voted the most iconic restaurant in Michigan by MLive in 2019. My friend Angie is working her way through a list of Michigan’s Most Iconic Restaurants. We had plenty of time to experience the buzz before our dinner reservations at Hack-Ma-Tack. 

Window Shopping

While waiting for our dinner reservation, we wandered through town window shopping. The Stormy Kromer store just begged to be explored. Through the window, we could see the iconic Stormy Kromer Caps, plus so much more. 

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Wikipedia has the best history of the Stormy Kromer Cap,  “It is named for George “Stormy” Kromer (1876-1970), a semi-professional baseball player who later worked as a railroad engineer. Kromer lost many hats to the wind while working on trains, and in 1903 he asked his wife Ida (1877-1960) to make him a warm hat that would stay on more securely. She modified a baseball cap into what became the Stormy Kromer cap by sewing on a pair of ear flaps.”

A Cap & Ale House

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Soon we were sitting at the bar at the back of the store with a “Reclamation” from Ore Dock Brewing and a pile of Stormy Kromer gear we didn’t know we needed. The bartender/salesperson explained besides the one located in their headquarters in Ironwood, Michigan, this is the only store that sells just Stormy Kromer merchandise. Sure other stores may sell Stormy Kromer gear, but this is the only one with the name Stormy Kromer on the door. 

Stormy Kromber-2022-10

According to our bartender, the store’s owner pitched the idea of “A Cap & Ale House” to the Jacquart family, who own Stormy Kromer. They agreed, and now here we are in Cheboygan, Michigan, drinking beer and buying Stormy Kromer gear. 


We eventually had dinner at Hack-Ma-Tack. The interior reminded me a little of the Legs Inn, another iconic Michigan restaurant. Wander around before your dinner, as there is a lot to check out inside this restaurant. You can see the Cheboygan River through the Hack-Ma-Tack’s window. During the summer, guests can tie up their boats. Reservations are encouraged, and they close on October 15 for the season. 



More Pictures


We’ve got a few more shots from our Stormy Kromer visit in our gallery. Please take a peek and let us know what you think. Leave a comment and show some love by sharing this post. 

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