Risky Brenda does PLI

by | Jun 8, 2014 | History, Music

What happens after you combine too much Red Bull and dangerous fun with your Dark Horse friends at the Front 40 Hillbilly Party? You end up at the Pleasant Lake Inn (PLI) in Manchester, Michigan with Risky Brenda channeling Jim Morrison!

Lord, what a day. Some days can’t ever be repeated and this was one of them.

Risky Brenda

Risky Brenda

Local Manchester kids playing great music pretty much describes Risky Brenda. I remember when most of these local kids were born, but they let us in the door anyway.

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Chuck wanted to chime in about this band as he really enjoyed their music.

Hey folks, Chuck here 🙂

I honestly expected a cover band since that’s what I had been used to seeing at PLI. I was completely shocked to hear a band come and jam their own music and play it so damn well! These guys have an eclectic rock mix that is completely approachable without coming off as commercial or contrived. You can think of their music like this: The Doors walk into a bar where The Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, The Wallflowers, and the Pixies are jamming and decide to sit in with them. Jim recants desert tails as Dave sings backup and everyone is playing their hearts out! Can you imagine a song about dead puppies making a compelling song? Risky Brenda makes it happen. Not that dead dogs are all they cover in their subject matter. It’s across the board and so much fun.

This is a very talented band and they play some great original music that glows bright.

Now, if I could get these guys to jam with 5th Wall Concept and Captain Ivory, then we have one hell of a show!

Terris Ahrens – vocals

Risky Brenda

Juston Brady – vocals, guitar

Risky Brenda

Nathan Smith – vocals, guitar, harmonica

Risky Brenda

Kevin Walter – bass

Risky Brenda

Ian Chartrand – drums

Risky Brenda

Pleasant Lake Inn

I can’t find an official website for the PLI but they are listed on the “Pure Michigan” website: “Come and Enjoy ourbig screen TV, 2 pool tables, electronic dart board, nightly dinner specials, live bands all weekend, outdoor dining area on the deck overlooking Pleasant Lake & volleyball courts.”

Risky Brenda packed the PLI on May 31st!

Risky Brenda

History Lesson

The old timers may remember the Pleasant Lake Inn as the “Aura Inn,” An Unusual Roadside Attraction!

Since 1880 Manchester residents have been drinking, dancing and letting their hair down at the Pleasant Lake Inn. I found a great article by Grace Shackman tucked inside Betty’s photo box. I am assuming this was printed in the Manchester Enterprise and I’m guessing it was printed in the 1980’s. It is a fun read. Not much has changed in 130 years.

The Aura Inn

The Aura Inn

Family Connection

Manny Sodt, the owner of the Pleasant Lake Inn from 1925 to 1943 was my 1st cousin twice removed. I’m going to say a somewhat distant relative, but we do share a Grandmother, Anna A Kelinschmidt who was William Sodt’s mother. William married Rosina Christina Feldkamp in 1885. I wonder if they met at the Pleasant Lake Inn? William and Rosina were Reuben Sodt’s parents. Reuben was my grandfather and my Dad’s father. (It took me the better part of an hour to sort that out so I had to share it!)

I hear tell that my brother has a picture of Manny Sodt wrestling a bear that was taken at the Pleasant Lake Inn. If I get a copy of it, I will be sure to share.

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